Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 60

Educating Goofy

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 27, 1992 on
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Educating Goofy
Goofy's going back to school to finish what he began AND set a good example for Max, who wasn't taking his education seriously, that education's important.

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      • Max: I promise, dad, from now on, I'll never be embarrassed by anything you do!
        Goofy: Aww, Ah-Hyuck! (Hugs Max)
        Max: Not in front of the whole world.

      • Max: Oh No! If I win the Spelling Bee, dad will be humiliated! I got to do something.
        Goofy: (After PJ told Goofy what happened) You mean Max had been so bad to me all the time? Mm, should've known something was wrong when he put peanut butter in my penny loafers. Gosh! If I win the Spelling Bee, it will humiliate Maxie! I got to do something!
        Max: I know what I'll do!
        Goofy: I know what I'll do!
        Max & Goofy: I'll lose the Spelling Bee on purpose!
        Goofy: Gosh, must be an echo in here.

      • Peg: Now Max, your dad didn't go to school to punish you, he just wanted to set a good example. And in fact you know I think it worked.
        Max: It did?
        Peg: Why yes! If not for him you wouldn't have studied so hard and you wouldn't have come this far in the Spelling Bee.
        Max: Guess I never thought of that.

      • Peg: Max dear, is anything wrong?
        Max: Wrong? What makes you think anything's wrong? (Punches tire and tires fell on both of them. They came out of the tire holes.) It's dad. His rule in school makes me look bad.
        Peg: Where did you get a silly idea like that?
        Max: Well, I was talking to Mr. P…
        Peg: Er, say no more, that explains everything.

      • Max: Remember dad, ask lots of questions and don't stop. There's nothing too dumb to ask.

      • (Goofy recovered from the rubbish bin)
        Goofy: Maxie! There you are, son, A-Hyuck!
        Bob: Wait a minute, the big goofy kid's, your dad?
        Max: Only by blood.

      • Pete: Ha! Don't be so naïve! That's why they invented the TV! PJ learnt all kinds of useless stuff from watching that tube.
        PJ: Dad, show's over. Can I please go upstairs and study now?
        Pete: No, sorry Junior, I checked the TV schedule, and it's a two-parter. (Slams door)

      • Goofy: Blooey, got to set a very good example for Maxie. Gotta prove to my son that education's important! What am I gonna do?
        Goofy's reflection: This ain't no time for reflectin'; time to put on your thinkin' cap! (Hands Goofy the thinking cap)
        Goofy: Thanks!

      • Goofy: Maxie, spelling's important! Why, without spelling, we couldn't tell our names apart! Or is the jokes behind the bubblegum wrapper or, or when the red lights turn green!

      • Max: (whispers) Dad, what are you doing here?
        Goofy: Oh! Going back to school to learn the 3 "R's": Reading, Writing and Recess! A-Hyuck, wanted to surprise you.

      • Teacher: Alright, before we go to lunch, does anyone have any questions?
        Goofy: Why do I have fingers?
        Why do they call it a blackboard when it's green?
        Why do they call these things linear shoelaces?
        If Napoleon had an F15, would he win the battle of Watergate?
        If people don't have lips, can they still whistle?
        When I looked at the end of the pencil, why does it look like rubber?
        Teacher: "Big Kid", you know I like a student that ask a lot of questions. Ooh, very good work.
        Goofy: Gosh!
        Max: Huh?

      • Judge: PJ, please spell (er) 'continent'
        PJ: Today, and today only, all RV SUV come with free air fresheners.
        PJ: Sorry, my dad told me to say that, judge.

      • Max: Remember, during our field trip to the museum, touch everything inside. Teachers love that.

      • (Max was studying the Spelling Bee in his room)
        Max: Independent, I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T!
        Goofy: Gosh, Maxie sure is studying hard. Better brush up on my ABDs. Wouldn't want to let him down in the Spelling Bee.

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