Goof Troop

Disney Channel (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas (A Goof Troop Christmas)

      Pete gets tired of Goofy shorting out his electricity and blowing up his house every year, so he takes the family and leaves for Asperin, Colorado, leaving poor Max alone with Goofy.

    • Clan of the Cave Goof
      In the fifth and final episode of "Goof History", when Max didn't want to go to the dentist, Goofy told him about the story that happened in the prehistoric times, when Chief Pete was scared to go to the dentist and asked Caveman Goof for help.
    • 11/28/92
      P.J. is afraid of heights, and he's afraid to tell his dad.
    • Sherlock Goof
      Episode 11
      In the fourth episode of "Goof History", when Max attempted to catch a mouse to keep as a pet, Goofy told Max about his ancestor Sherlock Goof, who was an exterminator-turned-detective. He made friends with a mouse, and as a team, they tracked down and battle Professor Inferiority, the thief of the crown jewels.moreless
    • 11/14/92
      Peg, trite with her family's gross living habits, attempts to motivate them (and probably the Goofs) into living a high-class life after she became friends with Mrs. Willoughby, an affluent high-class lady. She did this also because she wanted to show Mrs. Willoughby that she lives like a high-class. How will everyone else do this, with their accustomed zany lifestyles?moreless
    • Tee for Two
      Episode 9
      When Pete bought Goonie Golf (mini golf course) so that he could destroy it for his emporium, Peg decided to stand up against him in order to save the course with help from her kids and the Goofs.
    • 10/31/92
      A forbidden magic hat convinced Max that he is the greatest magician in order to come to life, just as he was about to repent being a magician.
    • 10/24/92
      A drought hits and Pete wanted to grow a garden in order to win a contest, but water becomes quite precious and expensive in such a climate. So, what will he do? Try to steal Goofy's water for his own benefit.
    • Pistolgeist
      Episode 6
      The boys try to save Pistol from a haunted book.
    • Three Ring Bind
      Episode 5
      Pistol wants to keep her new pets which are circus animals.
    • 10/3/92
      Max stumbles on an egg, and finds out that it hatches into a baby dinosaur. But then, he had trouble keeping it out of trouble.
    • Puppy Love
      Episode 3
      There was a new girl in school, named Rose Deckenbloom. The thing is, she was not too popular, but despite that, PJ loves her, but was shy to admit his love for her. He wanted to express his love for her, and then... complications occured in the form of failed expressions.moreless
    • 9/19/92
      When Max and PJ foiled Leech's shoplift and got possession of an expensive perfume, they had to find a way to get their hands off not only the perfume, but their guilt as well.
    • Queasy Rider
      Episode 1
      It was a bad day for Max as his popularity among friends were bad, partly because of his awkward father. But then, he found his dad's old motorcycle and achieved his niche of awesome. He crossed fates with a trio of bikers (Road Hogs) with attitudes and were stuck with them, leaving him to rely on his bumbling dad to save him... but how?moreless
  • Season 1
  • Specials