Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 12

From Air to Eternity

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 28, 1992 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Waffles was up on a tree, while PJ tried to salvage him while wearing safety gear, because he needed to conquer his fear of heights. While he was doing it, Pistol cautioned him not to look down to the ground. He eventually fell from the ladder he was on, out of fear that he will fall, and of course, he fell down. Luckily Pete was there to save his drop. He asked his son if he was scared of heights, and naturally for the sake of masculinity, he claimed not to fear heights. Pete showed PJ another of his medals of bravery for performing a height-based stunt (implying that he wasn't scared of heights), and PJ was very impressed, like all the other times he showed him his other medals of achievements. Pete had a press conference, so he left. At Honest Pete's Used Cars, Pete was being aired on television, advertising his car business, and adding that his trustworthiness was guaranteed with the medal he has. Unfortunately for Pete, a man delivered a box of fake medals to him on the spot, ruining his reputation instantly because everyone discovered that Pete was a swindler. Back at home, PJ went to the basement because Pete called him there. Pete showed him his newly-constructed "Wall of Petes", a display of the parentage line of the Pete family. Pete told PJ to push the button under the picture of his great-grandfather (a cowboy outlaw), showing a collection of awards, and also stating that he wasn't afraid of heights, in this case, an 800-feet gorge. Pete showed PJ his grandfather's awards too (he was a cat burglar), and stated that he had once leapt from one high building to the other with ease. Pete showed his show of awards, and a picture of him shaking hands with the President, and told him the story where he rode a plane and fell to safety with a parachute when the plane was out of order. PJ wondered what was in his section of awards, but it was cluttered with empty boxes. Pete told him that that section was reserved for PJ's awards, which he doubted he will receive. Pete assured PJ that he will get some. PJ excitedly told Max about the heroic stories about his ancestors, and they came across the bridge, where Max was sure PJ could cross blindfolded. PJ was scared of the ravine, so Max carried him across the bridge while PJ was blindfolded. At the Pizza Palace, PJ was playing arcade game Vertical Vernon Verna-thon while underestimating himself because of his fear of heights. Max reminded PJ that he won more awards than his ancestors with the amount of trophies he got for obtaining high scores in an arcade game he played. PJ stated that he didn't count those, because a videogame wasn't realistic. Max showed him a much larger trophy of the Vertical Vernon Verna-thon game, but it was only for the best. Max reminded PJ that he's the best in that videogame and will win, and added that just winning it will impress his ancestors. At night in Pizza Palace, the finals of the Vertical Vernon Verna-thon were broadcasted live, where it was PJ pitting up against Freddy, after an exhausting round for the arcade machines. The two will compete with virtual reality (VR), where the contestants will dress in a hanging suit and putting on vision visors. PJ was suddenly unconfident, so Max told PJ to remind himself that the whole thing was only a game when in doubt. Upon wearing the visor, PJ was suddenly shock to see that the competition had started, when he was up high on a trapeze in VR. PJ, fearful, had fallen off. Immediately, PJ removed his visor and expressed his shock to Max, but Max repeated to him that the whole thing was an illusion, and told him that his opponent, Freddy, had racked a lot of points already. After that, PJ returned to the VR game and progressed, steadily growing in confidence. PJ went through the trapezes, climbed a wall, rode a glider, jumped down and opened his parachute and then skated on metal beams, where he caught up with Freddy. He crashed a beam, allowing Freddy to advance further than him as he took a ride on a biplane. PJ caught up soon, and soon the two competitors rode unicycles through a tightrope. Freddy lost his balance, and was about to fall to his doom. PJ, instead of going for the win immediately, rescued his competitor from danger and went on to win the game. In Pete's house, Pistol called her dad to watch PJ on television. She told him the stunts he went through without saying that it was just a videogame, so Pete was surprised. The newscaster announced of PJ winning the trophy and his heroic action of saving his opponent. She proffered PJ to comment on his opinions of his experience, so PJ gave it. Pete thought and was amazed that PJ was truly a real hero and performed the stunts for real, because, like before, he didn't know that it was all a videogame. Back at home at the "Wall of Petes", Goofy, Max, Pistol and Pete celebrated PJ's victory. Pete was especially very proud of it, and went on to tell PJ to perform a real stunt to promote his business. In the airport, PJ frantically called Max because he needed his help, because his dad will put him on a plane. Max thought it was a cool idea, but PJ thought otherwise, as he was still scared of heights. Before Max could get the message, Pete already found PJ and put him on the plane. On the plane, PJ was shivering in terror when he looked down to the land. Pete tied a rope around himself and opened the hatch to let PJ down, but not before shouting to the people down there that PJ will parachute down. PJ didn't want to do it and told Pete to do it, but Pete was afraid and didn't want to either, opting to pass the parachute back to PJ. They each passed that parachute to each other like a hot potato, until the plane slanted and made the two Petes fall off. While PJ continued to fall, Pete dangled from the plane (thanks to the rope he tied around himself). The rope's knot loosened itself, however, causing Pete to fall again. As PJ continued falling, he repeatedly told himself that what he saw wasn't real, and opened the parachute. His fears were lifted. The crowd was amazed. But then, what about Pete? PJ saw him falling and held on to his leg, but he slipped his grip because Pete's socks, shoes and pants were loose. Pete fell down through a coniferous tree and into a tent, where an old lady punished him. Back a home, Pete was angry at PJ for being hesitant at skydiving earlier. PJ explained to his dad that the stunts yesterday were only a videogame, in which Pete despaired and stated that he was conned by his son, and left, disappointed. PJ was in Max's room telling him how much he berated himself. Max told him to look outside the window to look at a spectacle. Excerpt: Max: Peej, what has four pillows, a football helmet, and eat light bulbs? PJ: I don't know what. Max: I don't know either, but there's one there. PJ saw that the person Max described was his dad, who was even afraid to stand on the ladder to change the light bulbs. More importantly, PJ saw a revelation: his dad was afraid of heights. He didn't believe it, so Max decided to investigate. In the "Wall of Petes", PJ expressed his disbelief about his father being scared of heights, because his dad showed him medals to prove that he was brave of heights. Max inspected a medal from Pete's shelf of awards and found out that it was a counterfeit. The picture of Pete shaking hands with the president was actually a picture of Pete's head superimposed over an actor's. At the discovery of truth, PJ became intensely incensed. After that, PJ hung on a trapeze under a big balloon with a ladder near him, as part of a plan to make Pete confess his fear. While Goofy was cleaning Pete's giant face model on a hydraulic platform supported by a truck, Max called Pete to help his son. Pete asked what his son was doing, and PJ told him that it was a publicity stunt, and he needed his help. Pete didn't dare to do it, and told his son to come down. Max told him that PJ was (allegedly) frozen in fear, and only he could save him. Pete's first step on a ladder was already his biggest fear and couldn't bear to go up a step, and finally, he confessed his fear of heights. PJ asked him about the "Wall of Petes", and Pete told him that it was all a bogus. In fact, his ancestors were equally afraid of the simplest of heights, and only PJ's trophy was real. There was storm and wind, and the balloon was being blown away by a strong wind, which was not according to plan. In other words, PJ was blown away by the wind unintentionally. Luckily, Goofy came with the truck with a hydraulic platform. Soon, Pete was on the hydraulic platform while Goofy drove with Max beside him. They chased PJ, who was still on the balloon hanging. He managed to hang on, but was dangled on top on a tower's antenna. Goofy finally caught up with PJ. When Pete saw his son in trouble, he raised the platform to the highest, just in time to save his son when the antenna broke. When the two of them saw the bottom of the ravine, they passed out. Goofy wanted to ensure if the Petes really didn't want a ride home. They made up their minds, so Goofy left them behind. What will the Petes do then? They walked back home together through the mountain roads, preferring to conquer their fear of heights together.