Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 10

Goofin' Up the Social Ladder

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 14, 1992 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Pete's living room was messy, but that didn't stop him and the kids from watching "Gooey-town Gladiators", and Peg especially despised it, because the show was disgusting, and switched off the TV. She suggested that the family adjust to the lifestyle of high-class life, which was ironically gross for the kids. While Pete and the kids asked Peg to switch on the TV, she agreed, but opting for a classy talk show. Pete couldn't resist that show, so he snatched the remote and pressed all the buttons at once, causing the TV to spoil. Peg then told Pete that now he could be more civilised in life, but Pete reminded her that she never hang out with the high-class people. Thus, the couple agreed on a deal where it was up to her to be friends with Mrs. Willoughby (just "Willoughby" from here on) to convince the family to go high-class, otherwise Pete will be able to get a new TV subsidised by her.

Peg walked in a circle, figuring out how to get close to Willoughby. She heard Goofy outside, so she opened the door. Goofy had trouble with the defective garden hose Pete lent him. She suggested that he didn't tell him directly, but Goofy told her that the direct approach is the best way. This gave Peg bliss and an idea, and that was to build relationships with Mrs. Willoughby directly. She then left for Mrs. Willoughby's mansion, but not before kissing Goofy.

At the mansion gates, Peg wanted to tell the butler ("Hercule" from here on) through outside microphone that she wanted to meet Willoughby, but Hercule stated that asides from the sprinkler-repairers, Willoughby won't see anyone as she was preparing an afternoon tea party. She then sneaked into the gates (its opening was thick enough for her to sneak in), but failed again as she met two ferocious dogs, who bit her skirt when she wanted to flee, as her hips were stuck in the gate's opening.

Back at home, Peg was angry that she "wanted to kill someone", and Goofy was scared of her anger that he told her to calm down and suggest watering the lawn like him. She was struck with another idea, and wanted Goofy to go with her.

Peg returned to the mansion with Goofy, and this time, they got to enter there because Goofy claimed to be sprinkler-fixers. While in the mansion, Goofy was supposed to be busy with his work, while Peg went to talk to Willoughby. She was met with the two ferocious dogs earlier, so she climbed a tree, but in the process, her dress got stripped off by them.

As Goofy was walking by, she called him to help her get back her dress, but he got chased by the dogs. She attempted to take back her dress, but the dogs saw her and ran after her. So, she went into the house, where the dogs lost sight of her for a while. She was cornered by the dogs, but luckily, Willoughby showed up and tamed the dogs, and thought that Peg was an invited guest (because she had a really long guest list that she didn't remember who was invited and who not) and treated her like one. Mrs. Willoughby gave her dogs to Hercule (who was unlucky to be bitten badly) while she brought Peg to her tea party.

Peg had a wonderful time at Willoughby's tea party, and Willoughby looked forward to going to Peg's house (mansion as Mrs. Willoughby put it) for luncheon on Friday, as part of the Ladies' Club tradition: the newest member must have lunch with the club president (Willoughby) after her first tea party. Peg was startled hearing that.

Peg was distressed, as she had to make her house a mansion before Willoughby arrives. Pete didn't care about this, but Peg reminded him that she won the bet (Willoughby was friends with Peg already), so Pete had to help her and adapt a high-class life. Pete told Goofy to go an outside studio to pick up a prop of a large mansion.

Peg told her family and the Goofs to practise for their high-class etiquette. (Read "The "How to"-s of Etiquette" in "Quotes") However, there was one problem: Peg forgot her chicken in the oven, and burnt it. So, in desperation, she instructed Pete to get a list of things in the supermarket in the double.

In the supermarket, Pete and Willoughby accidentally crashed each other with trolleys, sending Willoughby through the aisle and crashing (Pete: "Strike! Haha"). In the parking lot, Pete's RV had a limo behind him and he was surrounded, and his patience ran thin, so he turbo-reversed. This caused Hercule in the limo to reverse in desperation, and Pete reprimanded Willoughby. She was utterly shocked at Pete's truculence.

Back at Pete's house, Peg asked Goofy to prepare the finger sandwiches, and she put a fake beard on Pete. After that, Willoughby was invited into the house. Pete was shocked to see Willoughby, and anxiously greeted her. Before she could suspect Pete, Goofy server the finger sandwiches, but the finger sandwiches uses real fish, which shocked Willoughby. She decided to skip the raw appetiser.

Goofy searched for a punch bowl for the punch, so he used a goldfish bowl (with a fish in it). He drained the water and the fish, but the fish jumped back in the bowl while Goofy poured punch in it. In the meantime, Pistol talked informally to Willoughby, which she enjoyed but not Peg.

When Goofy poured punch for Willoughby, the goldfish went into the cup. Max wanted to collect the goldfish, but it leapt on Willoughby's hat and taunted to him. Pistol wanted to reel in the goldfish, but reeled in the hat, revealing Willoughby's baldness. She screamed. Goofy walked in with a pot of soup, but the goldfish tripped him, causing him to spill the soup on Peg and Willoughby.

Despite all that disaster, Willoughby enjoyed every bit of it because it was refreshing for her to meet a family as casual as Peg's (her other friends were all snobs). Because of that, she wholeheartedly invited Peg to the Upper-class Ladies Tennis Tournament, and told her to bring other ladies, as it will be a doubles match. Peg had her eye on Goofy and Pete to play tennis as well, but Pete fully disagreed on him participating.

At the golf course, Pete and Goofy was seen dressed as women (meaning Pete lost his argument against Peg). Peg taught them to behave like nice ladies during the tennis game. Max and PJ arrived at the scene with a golf cart, and gave the "ladies" tennis racquets. Peg told the boys to always let Willoughby win at all costs, to make a good impression.

Peg introduced Willoughby to "Goofina" (Goofy) and "Petunia" (Pete). Hercule fell in love with "Petunia". Still, Willoughby failed to recognise Pete. The match started, but not before "Petunia" bullied Hercule (as umpire) for expressing his love for "her". Max and PJ must retrieve the golf cart, which contained a device that will help Mrs. Willoughby score, even when their dads (the "ladies") had no problem losing. However, the golf cart rolled away, so the boys chased it. In the match, Willoughby (teaming with Peg) played much better than "Goofina" and "Petunia", naturally. By saying the score fifteen-love ("love" to "Petunia"), Hercule risked himself being catapulted away by "her".

While Max and PJ pursued their golf cart, Hercule fell in it, activating the device in it to shoot abundant amounts of tennis balls. Those balls had hurt "Goofina" and "Petunia" a lot, and Peg realised that being high-class was painful. However, Willoughby invited Peg for ballet dancing, and once again, she had her eye on Goofy and Pete. Pete was so fed up and scared of some more ladies' activities that he ran away, while both Peg and Hercule (still thinking that Pete was "Petunia") chased Pete.