Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 4

Great Egg-Spectations

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Oct 03, 1992 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Pistol sees Bubbles for the first time,Bubbles eats all of the marshmellows out of her bag, making it empty. Then in the next shot, marshmellows are still in the bag

  • Quotes

    • PJ: I better get dad home, sir. You think he'll be alright?
      Goofy: Sure, PJ, but he probably will not remember any of this tomorrow.
      PJ: Should we tell him?
      (Goofy, Max, Bubbles, Bubbles' mother and Waffles thought for a while, then shook their heads)
      Goofy & Max: Nah!

    • Max: Dad, you're here!
      Goofy: A-hyuck, I figured that there was an egg down by the lake, there must be a momma down there too! Guess Bubbles' whole family likes these things (Shows marshmallows), a-hyuck!

    • Max: PJ, Red Alert! Scramble!
      PJ: Max, what is it?
      Max: Peej, your dad's gonna pop Bubbles!
      PJ: Gasp! Be right down!

    • (Bubbles ate Pete's chair)
      Pistol: You know, eating my dad's favorite chair is not (slurp) not going to make you very popular around here.

    • Goofy: I know you love her, Max, but we just can't keep her anymore. Bubbles have grown too fast. She's eaten 5000 marshmallows, 400 cabbages, 23 house plants, 4 hand towels and my lucky clarinet.
      Max: But she's my pet.
      Goofy: I know, son, I don't want to tell you what to do, but it's really not fair to keep Bubbles cooped up in a house like this.
      Max: Sigh…yeah, I guess you're right. I'll take her back tomorrow.
      Goofy: You're doing the best thing, Max. Come on, I'll make you some hot chocolate.
      Max: (Whisper) With marshmallows?
      Goofy: (Whisper) I've been hiding them, Max, a-hyuck!

    • Pete: Hey, you boys seen a dinosaur?
      PJ: Yes sir, in a museum!
      Pete: (Laughs) That's my boy, got the old man's sense of humor, ha-ha.

    • Pistol: Daddy, I saw it, really, really!
      Pete: Pistolkins, daddy's in no mood for a wild goose chase!
      Pistol: But it's not a wild goose, it's a wild dinosaur and it came in here!
      Pete: Well it's not in here, is it?
      Pistol: No, it's down there!
      Pete: Where?
      (Max and PJ were in the pool while Bubbles was pretending to be lifeless)
      Max: Come on in! Oh, the water's fine.
      Pete: Oh, it's just a stupid old toy, honey.
      Pistol: No, it's a dinosaur; it is, it is, it is! Ask PJ, ask him!

    • PJ: She's gonna tell dad, I just know it!
      Max: Don't panic yet.
      Pete: (Knocks door) Open this door, PJ!
      Max: OK, now you can panic.

    • Max: I'll do anything, I promise. I'll feed her, wash her, brush her hair…please dad, please-please-please-please-pretty-please let me keep her.
      Goofy: I still think she belongs to the museum, but OK, you can keep her. Providing she stays out of trouble, doesn't get too big.
      Max: Great! I mean, how big could she get?

    • Max: Dad!
      Goofy: What're you doing in the basement, Max?
      Max: Oh, ha ha, well-I thought I heard a…a…a mouse!
      Goofy: Oh-ho-ho, you know, I was just reading about kids and animals. Well, I've changed my mind. Son, you can have a pet.
      Max: Really?
      Goofy: Yup. Remember, it can't be too big.
      Max: Oh…

    • (After Goofy fixed the blinds)
      PJ: Good luck! (Left house and Max with Bubbles)
      Max: You rat!

    • PJ: (to Bubbles) Hi, you wanna phone home?
      Max: Whatever she is, you gotta get her back upstairs!
      (Bubbles runs downstairs and eats a plant leaf)
      Max: No, stop!

    • Max: This time, PJ, avoid the mirror (opens attic).
      (Egg fell out from the attic and a baby dinosaur hatched)
      Max: It hatched…
      PJ: That's no bird.
      Max: What is it; an alien?

    • Max: (brings a lamp) Check it out!
      PJ: Aw…your dad was just in here and now he thinks I'm a space cadet!
      Max: News Flash, PJ, you are!

    • Goofy: Max? Max, dinner's ready. Oh. Hi, PJ.
      PJ: (Covers egg with blanket) Gasp! Oh…oh, hi, sir. Uh…well, Max will be back in a second.
      Goofy: Oh…whatcha doing there?
      PJ: Oh, uh…uh well, I'm just seeing how hot I can make my knees, y' know.
      Goofy: I remember when I used to do that, a-hyuck, oh-hohohoho-ho! So long.

    • PJ: Whoa, Max! How'd you do all this?
      Max: Well, duty of course. I couldn't afford birdseed, but cornflakes are just as good.

    • (Max showed PJ the dinosaur egg)
      PJ: Dude, a giant albino M&M!
      Max: Get real, PJ; It's a huge bird's egg. Do you know what this means?
      PJ: Super omelet?
      Max: No! A pet for El Maxo.

    • (Max knocked the egg and a bubbly sound was emitted)
      Max: It's alive! (Thunder and lightning struck, with organ music)

    • Goofy: (caught raccoon) gotcha, a-hyuck!
      Max: But he needs me!
      Goofy: No he doesn't, Max. He's a wild animal; got to take him back to the woods.
      Max: But I want a pet.
      Goofy: So what's wrong with Waffles?
      Waffles: Yeah!
      Max: He's yours, dad. I got to have a pet of my own.
      Goofy: I know, Max, but wild animals just don't make good pets.

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