Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 65

Gunfight at the Okie-Doke Corral

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Dec 04, 1992 on

Episode Recap

==== Real Life (Goofy's House) ====

Max sneaked into the house like something bad is going to happen to him. Max couldn't make a quiet getaway as he made squeaky noises as he walked up the stairs. Goofy found him and told him that the glasses came today. Max doesn't want to wear them, but when he clumsily crashed a vase of umbrella, Goofy handed him the glasses because he had eye strains due to playing video games. Max insisted that he didn't need glasses and could see clearly (and that people with glasses were always being made fun of), but his actions proved otherwise (Moreover, he seemed to pick after his dad). Max was sitting on the couch being miserable. Goofy decided to take the family album, which Max dreaded. Goofy decided to tell Max the story about his Wild West ancestor (great-great-great-grandfather): Mopalong Goof.

==== Story (Mopalong Goof) ====

Mopalong Goof came into town to clean it, as he's a janitor. He met a stranger, Fester Swollen. He thought Mopalong was a sheriff, but Mopalong told him otherwise. Moreover, he dusted off Fester at the town with dusty roads. When he saw a model Native, he thought he was real, but when it didn't move, Goofy put in dust that he accumulated just now in the model's box.

==== Real Life ====

Max wanted to go away, but Goofy insisted that he stick around.

==== Story ====

Mopalong was talking to a mop, which he thought was a horse. An optometrist (Isadore Eyesore) was just leaving his office when he saw Mopalong talking to the mop. Knowing of his eye problem, he offered Mopalong glasses, but Mopalong said that he didn't need glasses. He, however, fell in the water manger. Isadore pointed out to him that he needed glasses, based on what happened to Mopalong just now. He gave Mopalong his card in case Mopalong wanted glasses. Mopalong tried to read the card, but it was blurry for him. Despite this, he still didn't want to wear glasses, because it's bad for his image.

==== Real Life ====

Max told his dad that that was why he didn't need glasses. Goofy told him to finish listening at the story first.

==== Story ====

Mopalong came by and saw a "Salon", but the window was dirty. Fester just got a haircut, and told him that that was the only hangout there was in the town. He decided to clean it, and revealed the word "Saloon" after the window was cleaner. Fester realized that it was a saloon, and decided to get back in there again and tell all the other cowboys. The cowboys in the just-realised saloon were rejoicing like mad, because they didn't need to have anymore saloon treatments.

In the court of the town, the townspeople complained to the mayor about the misdeeds of Pecos Pete, the outlaw. Mopalong was cleaning and dusting off the mayor of the town. He came to the conclusion that nobody would be stupid to apply the position as the sheriff, but seeing Mopalong, he thought wrong, and proudly announced Mopalong as the new sheriff of the town.

==== Real Life ====

Max asked his dad if he made this story up, but Goofy disagreed, because "who could make up anything this goofy?" according to Goofy.

==== Story ====

Mopalong, wiping his new sheriff star, asked Fester what happened to the last sheriff. He stated that he was dead (a cemetery was seen). The other sheriffs had the same fate. Fester implied that Pecos Pete was dangerous, as he told him that if he met Pecos, he will beg for mercy. Fester immediately felt safe because Pecos was heading south. All of a sudden, the mayor came into the sheriff's office with a letter from Pecos Pete "Pecos Pete: heading for town to burgle Sheriff – Have a nice day". Mopalong had found out what he was up against.

==== Real Life ====

Max reminded his dad that the story was about a hero who wore glasses, but Goofy told him that he was getting to that part.

==== Story ====

Mopalong was walking around his desk for hours until the floor sank into the ground. This is because he didn't know anything about being a sheriff. Fester told Goofy to check the top drawer of the desk, which contained a book "How to be a Sheriff". (Read it in "Quotes")

Mopalong went to the optometrist to have his eyesight checked. First, he was assigned to read the letters on the letter chart. Mopalong couldn't even read the biggest letter on the chart, so Isadore put on glasses for Mopalong to wear. After wearing several glasses, the one that suit Mopalong was a simple pair of round glasses. He thanked the doctor and walked out from his shop, but Mopalong was still clumsy. (Read "Quotes" again for the rest of the part)

At the ranch in the salon, the bartender slid a beer, but Mopalong missed it. It slid out of the salon, and Pecos Pete came into the salon with the beer in hand. He drank it all in one shot. Many of the cowboys in there ran out of the salon scared. Pecos Pete, in there, saw Lilly (who looked like Peg), and wanted to woo her, but she didn't like his attitude and resisted him. Mopalong laughed at the insult that Nelly gave Pecos, so Pecos went to bully him. When he grabbed Mopalong by the neck, he saw the sheriff's badge on him, and understanding that he was the new sheriff, used a different manoeuvre to rid of him. Mopalong didn't understand Pecos' metaphor, so he said "Dance!" as in dance while he shoots his feet, but Mopalong took it literally, and sat on the floor. After that, Pecos shot his guns, so Mopalong danced as he avoided the bullets. Soon, Mopalong danced a tango with Pecos. Pecos didn't intend to be treated this way, so he hung Mopalong at one of the moose's antlers. He told him that he will meet him at high noon at the Okey-Doke Carrol for a duel. When Pecos Pete left, an undertaker went to measure Mopalong for his coffin (implying that he predicted his death) and told him that he just met the outlaw Pecos Pete. Mopalong gulped.

At high noon, Mopalong headed at the Okey-Doke Carrol and was ready to square off Pecos Pete. Pecos asked Mopalong if he was ready for his gunfight, but Mopalong went to refer to his "How to be a Sheriff" book for gunfighting. Pecos was annoyed by that, so he snatch the book from Mopalong telling him that it wasn't necessary to look at the book. Mopalong told Pecos that that was why he wore glasses, and Pecos went to break his glasses by stepping on it. Mopalong asked him how he would know what to do now that his glasses were destroyed. Pecos shot the book and told Mopalong to take ten paces, turn around, and shoot.

The duel had started, and so Mopalong went to walk ten paces around the corner. When Pecos turned around to shoot, he found that Mopalong was gone. He went to search for him. Mopalong was walking backwards just as Pecos was, and bumped each other back to back. He asked the stranger behind him if he knew where Pecos Pete was, and Pecos told him that he was right behind him. Mopalong leapt in the air in fright and leapt into a barrel. Pecos Pete shot that barrel, but missed, as Mopalong emerged from another barrel. Pecos shot two bullets, and the Mopalong was literally riddled by bullets. Mopalong quickly ran into a pickles shop.

Pecos Pete took great pleasure shooting the shop, but Mopalong ran out of bullets. He leapt into a barrel of pickles and loaded his gun with pickles, which he used to shoot Pecos. His gun flew high in the air, so Pecos and Mopalong went to race for the gun when it landed. After the smoke cleared, Mopalong seemed to have gotten a gun, but carried a pickle. Pecos then took his other gun while he walked towards Mopalong. After that, a large pair of glasses (shop display) dropped on Mopalong as he walked past the optometrist shop. Now that he could see Pecos Pete clearly, he told him that he didn't need to use guns to beat him. Just as Pecos was about to shoot his gun, the sun's rays reflected on the hug glasses and shone on Pecos's bullet belt, causing all the bullets on the belt to explode. Pecos was carried away by the bullet's propulsion, even going so far into the sky and created fireworks. Pecos landed in the horse's manger, and Mopalong had won the duel.

After putting Pecos into the jail cell, Mopalong went to his carriage, ready to leave. Fester asked Mopalong if he was sure that he will leave, and Moplaong agreed. Lilly didn't want Mopalong to leave, but he refused. The rest of the cowboys will miss him dearly as Mopalong Goof walked into the sunset.

==== Real Life ====

Goofy asked Max about wearing glasses, and Max seemed to be more excited about wearing them. The clouds cleared, revealing sunlight. The sunbeam reflected on the glasses, frying Goofy. Max saw what the glasses could do, and used it to fire sunbeams around the house, which Goofy told him to stop as the whole house was being fired with beams.

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