Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 40

In Goof We Trust

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Oct 30, 1992 on
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In Goof We Trust
Goofy was honoured as the honest man in Spoonerville, and Pete uses Goof's quality to drum up business at his lot. His honesty had not been profitable for Pete, so he found a device to make sure Goofy benefits him: a helmet that can change thought patterns. However, Pete's plan had backfired when Goofy used Pete's qualities against him.moreless

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    Nancy Cartwright

    Nancy Cartwright

    Pistol Pete

    Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings


    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Waffles & Chainsaw, Additional Voices

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    PJ (Pete Junior)

    April Winchell

    April Winchell

    Peg Pete

    Dana Hill

    Dana Hill

    Maximillian "Max" Goof

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      • Pete: (imitating Goofy's performance at selling cars) "Ah-hyuck! Ah-hyuck! Ah-hyuck! This car? Gawrsh, this car's only worth $1.09. Oops! Forgot that spot of rust, ah-yuck! $1.02. And, gawrsh, oh, gawrsh, don't forget this BAG OF MONEY YOU LEFT ON THE BACKSEAT!"

      • Chief of Police: You know, this car looks sort of familiar.
        Goofy saw the chief's club. An imaginary Pete's head told Goofy "With their backs turned, anything goes." Goofy took the Chief's club. Goofy took it. Pete saw him and snatched it from Goofy. The Chief saw Pete took his club.
        Pete: (Wiping the club with his necktie) You promised me to clean it for you, Chiefy.
        Chief of Police: Never mind that, just finish my car!
        Pete: Yes sir! (Left) Oooh, That Goof's gonna land me in the slammer again! (Got squirt by oil)

      • Pete: That loot was found on my lot, so it's mine, see?
        Goofy: Sorry, I found it, I keep it! Don't even want it but for some reason I can't seem to give it up.

      • Goofy: Here's those stuff that folks dropped in their car, Petey.
        Pete: Yeah just leave it on the desk.
        Goofy: Nuh-uh!
        Pete: What do you mean "nuh-uh"?
        Goofy: Why, it's mine! Finders keepers!
        Pete: Yeah, yeah, that's right, you found, I keep!

      • Pete: The cars have been sold out, and it isn't even noon. Ha-ha. What sucker respects the most honest man in Spoonerville be ripping them off. (Laughs)

      • Goofy: What a day, Ah-hyuck! Sold 114 cars. (Pete crying) Here you go Petey, $39.18!

        Chief of Police: Proof positive that honesty pays. Pete, so long as the most honest man in Spoonerville's on the job, you're off the hook.

        Goofy: See you bright and early tomorrow, Petey. (Goofy and Chief of Police leave Pete's office)

        Pete: I never should've left the army! Waah!

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