Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 19

Inspector Goofy

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Oct 01, 1992 on

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  • Play fair, or you'll get fair play.

    Everything in this episode actually tells us two things: competition is meant to be played fair, and being a cheat had its own karmic punishment. It's more of the second statement than the first.

    Pete always wanted to have cash flowing into his pockets, right? In this episode, his competitor had the qualities of a great salesman to swipe customers from Pete's lawn to his own one. Heh. Well, we all know that Pete's a greedy and scamming person, right? (Don't worry if you don't know) He's not going to let a great business stop his bad one, and what did he do? He found an idea: use Goofy to shut down Earl's business (his competitor) by putting him into city inspector duties through bribery (how cunning is that?). Pete even told Goofy to make sure that as an inspector, he couldn't let mercy be his weakness, and do you think he will succeed? Well, Earl had proven to be a certified business, which means bad news for Pete. To make matters worse for Pete himself, Goofy inspected his business! Pete proved to be a far worse salesman (selling defective cars) than Earl, and because Goofy followed Pete's advice to show no mercy, Pete can't save his business, and according to law (and the fact Pete refused to pay for summons), Pete lost his business.

    Well, if that's bad for Pete, it's probably great for Goofy, right? You got it! Goofy became ranked higher and higher in his city inspector career, Pete was mad at this. Of course, Pete proven to be just as rotten at home that he was shunned from home. Pete decided to clear the mess he started. Is it getting exciting? Good! To maximise the effectiveness of the excitement, it is suggested that you watch this fun episode yourself.

    In conclusion, this episode will be a memorable episode for people getting into Goof Troop or Goofy's cartoons. But then, to warn you, Max Goof is not in this episode, so for Max lovers, you won't see him here.

    A little tidbit: The title of this episode reminds me of "Inspector Gadget", another great cartoon.
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