Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 4

Midnight Movie Madness

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 10, 1992 on
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Midnight Movie Madness
After seeing a scary movie Max and PJ fear that they are being followed by a killer. Pete finds out and starts to make their fears come true by pretending that he is the killer.

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  • Wow! What a twisted story!

    This episode really knows how kids will act when there was a situation like this episode!

    Basically Pete wanted Max and PJ to go watch a horror movie, and when they did, they were most expecting the "Mutilator" when there were signs of the mutilator (played by Pete). However, it all seemed realistic when Goofy's goofiness was thrown into the zany horrors to the kids. Of course, they must face their fears as well, and that is when the time comes for the courage to be necessary.

    Being a spoof of scary shows it shines, even though it's called a "spoof" for being a parody, but at least it's based on real life rather than other TV shows.

    When you watch it, watch out for the mistaken perceptions of the kids when they see the horrors coming to life!moreless
Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Pistol Pete

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings


Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Waffles & Chainsaw, Additional Voices

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

PJ (Pete Junior)

April Winchell

April Winchell

Peg Pete

Dana Hill

Dana Hill

Maximillian "Max" Goof

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    • Pete: So, did the movie scare you?
      P.J.: No way dad, it's just a movie.
      Pete: Just a movie? Ha! Didn't you hear? It's based on a true story!
      P.J.: It is?
      Pete: Oh sure, I heard about it on the news. They say he got in through the bedroom window. Well, have a good time at the Goof's!

    • (Goofy saws off the tree branch on Pete's side of the house)
      Goofy: There. That branch won't bother anyone anymore! Ah-hyuck, oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho, oh!

    • Pistol: Why is daddy in the mud? Why is he in the mud? Why is he there anyway? Huh? Tell me that, tell me that!
      PJ: It's dad! What happened?
      Peg: He's spent up all night trying to scare you two.
      PJ: Him?
      Pete: There's nothing wrong with a good scare. You want to grow up like me, don't you? Fearless, brave, strong!, iron-willed!, ruthless, good looking, courageous, and unshakable! (Looks at Goofy with a mask and a chainsaw) Ah-hyah, the mutilator! Whoah-yah-ha-ha! (Hits the tree branch and fell unconscious)

    • Goofy: Now wait a minute, you boys were brave! You saved me from the mutilator, kind of.
      PJ: Yeah, we did it! (High-fives)
      Max: Yeah PJ, we are brave!
      PJ: Cool, we could've save us.
      Max: Yeah, we could've us for sure, no problem. Gasp! What about the body?
      Goofy: What body?
      Max & PJ: Under the tree branch!
      Goofy: Tree branch?

    • Max: E-er sorry, dad, but we thought it got you.
      Goofy: Max! There is no mutilator.
      Max: I knew that.
      PJ: We didn't know that, Max.
      Max: Yeah, you're right. We didn't know that. We acted like a couple of chickens.
      PJ: Yeah, we acted like a couple of weaklings, yellow-bellied rubber-legged lully-livered back-peddling c-
      Max: Just don't do it PeeJ, OK?
      PJ: OK.

    • Max: Ready?
      PJ: No. Let's do this anyway.

    • PJ: Max!
      Max: Yeah?
      PJ: You've lost your hiccups!
      Max: (thought for a while) So did you.
      PJ: (thought for a while)

    • Max: Gasp! He's got (hic) dad!
      PJ: And we're next (hic)! Let's (hic) hide!
      Max: No!
      PJ: No? (hic)
      Max: No, no more running, PeeJ! I've gotta save my dad!
      PJ: You're really going down there?
      Max: I gotta, PeeJ.

    • Goofy: Now let's see... (slurps)green cheese, raw onions, pepperoni, sweet potatoes, bolognese, mustard, mayonnaise, (Takes out a stack of food).

    • Max: Quick! The attic!
      PJ: I-I can't take this anymore!
      (Max closes himself up alone in the attic)
      Max: (Pants) Made it.
      PJ: Max, MAX!
      Max: Who is it?
      PJ: It's me!
      Max: Me who?

    • Pete: Ha ha ha! Little kids sure are cute when they are petrified! Ha ha ha!

    • Max: No way, it never happened!
      PJ: Did too!
      Max: Did not!
      PJ: Did too!
      Max: Did not!
      PJ: Did too!
      Max: Did not!
      PJ: Hey, are you calling my dad bogus?
      Max: According to the solemn rules of sleepover, there's only one way to settle this.
      Both: Pillow fight!

    • (Max and PJ screamed and ran back into Goofy's house)
      Max: (pants) We made it.
      Goofy: How was the movie?
      Max: Oh yeah, you should've seen it, dad. This mutilator, he had this big ol' bike, and he was...(saw Goofy sharpening his knife)...Aaaah! (hiccups)
      Goofy: Is that your hiccups?
      Max: No (hic) er, hey Peej, you wanna stay overnight?
      PJ: Hey, cool! I'll go and see if it's OK!
      Max: (Saw Goofy cutting a sausage) (hic) Hey, wait! I'll have to go!

    • (Screaming sound in movie)
      PJ: Aw...Rippin'! I got to tell you, you were right Max, yeah this is great! I'm not scared at all! Er...Max?
      (Max hiccups under the seat with popcorn bucket on his head. PJ removes bucket from Max's head.)
      PJ: Come on, shhh, you're missin' the best part!
      Max: Ah, Aaaaaaah! (takes PJ's popcorn bucket and covers his head, then hiccups)

    • Max: (Shoving PJ into the cinema) Yeah, come on, big scream, let's track the total experience.
      PJ: Aw-haw, Maax!
      Max: Peej!

    • PJ: I don't know Max; oh you see, I-I-I-I got this model I want to work on, and I, I don't, you know...
      Pete: (interrupted) Hey, what's the matter, son? Feelin' a little shaky? Weakling? A little yellow maybe?
      PJ: Well,, no dad, I-I er...
      Max: Course he's not! Guts is our middle name, right Peej?
      PJ: Yeah, chilly guts.
      Pete: (Hands PJ cash) Ha! Knock yourself out!
      PJ: Wha-whoa thanks, you know, but we really couldn't, I, You know, his dad will say no!
      Max: Gimme a break! No problem!

    • PJ:What are we gonna do now?
      (Max hiccoughs)
      PJ:No kiddin'!
      (Both boys hiccough alternately)

    • PJ: Your dad's the mutilator? Cool!

    • TV Announcer: On Main Street, never leave your windows open. Never leave your lights off. And never order out for pizza, because-
      (A woman's scream is heard. A chainsaw wielding man in a hockey mask appears on the screen. The title Mutilator on Main Street appears in front of him.)
      TV Announcer: He's back! The Mutilator on Main Street: Part 7, now playing in a theater near you.
      Max: Radical!
      PJ: Sick!
      Pete: Classic. (burps)

    • Goofy: Forget it Max.
      Max: But why?!
      Goofy: Creepy movies don't agree with you, son.
      Max: What are you talking about?
      Goofy: Remember that old witch in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?" A-Hyuck! You were so scared; you had hiccups for a week.
      P.J.: Snow White?
      Max: I was a kid then, Pop, I'm 11 and a half now.
      Goofy: Max, you can't even watch Grandma stuff a chicken without getting queasy.

    • Pete: I thought you were gonna cut down this tree limb! It's filling up my side of the property!
      Goofy: Sorry! Gotta go to the all-night store before it closes.

    • Peg: Is there anything you need sweetie?
      Pete: Can I have a waffle iron for Christmas, Mama?

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    • "Midnight Movie Madness" might refer to the 1980 comedy film from Walt Disney Productions, "Midnight Madness", starring David Naughton. The film is about a group of college students who participate in an all night puzzle solving race. It was Michael J. Fox's first film role.

    • The Mutilator on Main Street:

      Is a allusion to the horror movie series A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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