Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 6

O, R-V, I N-V U

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 14, 1992 on

Episode Recap

At Goofy's house, Goofy asked Max for tools for Goofy to fix the garage door's engine. After Goofy had fixed the door, He asked Max to test it, but because Goofy was at the door, he was been squashed up and down due to the incompletely fixed door, until Max stopped it. After that, PJ came by. Max told his dad that he and PJ were going skateboarding.

While they were skateboarding, Max was talking about how his dad wasn't good at mechanical stuff. PJ told him that at least Max was allowed to help his dad, but he couldn't. Max asked about PJ's dad now, and he told him that he's "definitely" working at his car lot, where Pete was selling a customer a defective car. Just as the customer was about to leave because of that, Max talked that customer into buying that defective car. Pete was pleased with Max, he decided to have Max help him with his Pete-mobile, his top secret RV that he was working on.

At night, Pete told Max that he was working on his RV for the RV show in Las Vegas, in the luxurious category. Max gave Pete ideas, which he instantly accepted. When PJ heard his dad accepting Max, he was disappointed with them and ran to his room. Pistol didn't manage to cheer him up. Max told PJ that his dad was awesome, despite the fact that he called him a phoney before. After that, Pete came into PJ's room, Max's ideas had led most of PJ's stuff out of the room.

PJ decided to tell Max about his actions, and when the alarms rang, Max checked on who was there, and saw PJ. PJ told Max that he had been taking a lot of his stuff (and Pistol's) from his house. Max told PJ that usually his dad didn't like him, and so if he liked him, he and PJ could spend more time together. Immediately, Max told PJ to ask supplies from his dad for him. PJ asked Goofy for the garage door for the RV, and told him that he could go to Las Vegas with him too.

On the next day, Pete announced his new completed RV, the Pete-Mobile! Pete showed his family and Goofy the completed new RV. It was "home away from home". Using the computer, the RV's functions are able to be executed. However, there were still glitches, meaning that some things didn't work out the way they were supposed to. Despite this, Max helped Pete cover up those mistakes with sweet talk. When Pete was about to leave, PJ took the partner seat, but Pete wanted Max to sit by him. PJ was disappointed.

Pete wanted to leave for Las Vegas, but had to reverse back for Peg, PJ, Goofy and Pistol to attend their errands. He was irritated by the others' interference and a flat tire that happened after all that reversing.

Pete and Max were driving through the desert highway. PJ even gave Max a pair of sunglasses as part of his club. Peg was watching TV, PJ was reading comics and Goofy was about to bathe. PJ was sad that his friend overshadowed him, but Goofy told him that Max must've been a little mixed up. Goofy couldn't push the bathroom door open, so PJ pulled the door open. Under Goofy's advice, PJ talked to Max again. Max told PJ that his dad was great, but PJ warned him that his dad was selling him. And he wanted to remain friends with Max. Despite this, Max was already "sold".

Pete decided to press a button for privacy, but it didn't work, because it did something else: further the bathroom pod that Goofy was in and raising the pod. Goofy ended up on an empty carriage of a train. Pete wanted music, but it caused the couch that Peg and Pistol was sitting on to jut out of the RV. They were being hit by a truck. The pod that Goofy was in had fell off and slid on the railroad track when the train took a drive uphill.

PJ realised that Peg, Pistol and Goofy were gone, and reported to Max. The radio malfunctioned, causing the message to be unclear. Pete ignored him, and raised his seat. He and Max were discussing plans on what they will do if the won the contest. PJ were still calling, but he didn't listen. He saw a rest area, and decided to stop there.

Over there, Goofy's pod reached the back trailer, where it was supposed to be. Also, Pete saw Peg and Pistol, and was surprised that they were there. Outside, Peg and Goofy scolded Pete for the faultiness of the RV. Max wanted to have PJ do something for him, but PJ didn't bother as Max had been using him.

PJ was sad and angry. He threw a stick, which hit Goofy. PJ asked him if he was dumb, but Goofy demonstrated a chestnut. Outside it's ugly, but inside it's tasty and handsome, implying that looks can be different from inner treasures.

Meanwhile, there were two burglars (Wally and Spud). They saw that RV and wanted to steal it and sell it. They wanted to break in, but couldn't. They saw Max and pretended that nothing happened. Max thought that they were car dealers, but when he opened the RV, he was kidnapped by the two burglars. He screamed for help enough for PJ (who was picking chestnuts) to hear him as the RV was driven off.

PJ wanted to tell his dad about the stolen RV, but Pete only acted when his satellite dish was being knocked down by a tree. Immediately, Pete took a tow truck from a lady (paying $500 first) and left off with PJ. Goofy followed too. While Max was tied upside-down, Spud finds a plaster, which he used to tape Max's mouth.

Pete was driving as fast as he could, even though PJ told him to go faster. PJ was being blown into the red towed car, which Goofy was in. PJ told Goofy that the RV was faster, but Goofy decided not to give up, as he drove the red car and outsped both the tow truck and the RV. Wally told Spud that a car was tailing, so Spud threw a pocket knife to puncture the red car's tyre. PJ immediately made the leap into the RV.

PJ saved Max, but Spud heard Max's screaming, so he came in with a stick. Max and PJ were hiding the couch. Max didn't know what to do, but PJ did. PJ threw a chestnut at the computer, scorching Spud with the ice maker. After that, PJ threw another chestnut, causing a blizzard to blow Spud, followed by two loud stereo speakers. Spud was dizzy and went on a reclining chair, which folded. Spud was being disgorged out of the RV's roof and onto the windshield.

PJ then unleashed the next part of his plan. He changed the radio's signal so that it unleashed screeching sound, followed by a threatening warning to Wally. PJ used the computer to unleash more attacks on the crook: Ice cube barrage and Mr. Wiggles (the punch bag balloon) on Wally, and water spray and wiper on Spud. Finally PJ raised the driver's seat and spun it, releasing the two crooks into the river.

Even though they're on their own, the RV started falling apart. Max had to drive the RV, but the brakes fell out of the RV. Even the handbrakes were broken. Pete continued to chase his broken yet unstoppable RV. Max and PJ reached Las Vegas and into the car show. They crashed. Pete managed to reach the car show too. Pete wanted to blame Max for his idea, but seeing PJ talked the judges into giving the win to them made him full of excitement when PJ won first price for "Best design" and a ton of cash. Pete took the sunglasses he gave Max earlier and handed it to PJ, telling him that he's the best son ever. Max returned to his dad and hugged him, who seemed to come to his senses. Goofy and PJ laughed in the end.

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