Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 6

O, R-V, I N-V U

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 14, 1992 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Running Gag: The words "Phoney" and "Baloney" were spoken a good number of times in the show, by Max or PJ.

    • Technical Error: On the front view of the RV (the next scene showing the windscreen after Spud landed on it) when the burglars burgled the RV, Spud was nowhere to be seen.

    • Technical Error: Despite Pete only getting into the tow truck's driver's seat, Peg and Pistol immediately appeared after Goofy drove the car that was being towed.

    • We never see the RV anymore after this episode.

  • Quotes

    • (Max hugged his dad)
      Goofy: Welcome back, Max.
      Max: What's this about chestnuts, dad?
      (Goofy and PJ laughed)

    • (After the RV crashed)
      PJ: Way to go, phoney.
      Max: Nice going, baloney.

    • (PJ switched on the radio)
      PJ: You're next, punk.
      Wally: Who is this?
      PJ: Your worst daydream.
      (PJ switched off radio)

    • (Spud threw the ice maker out of the RV)
      Pete: My ice maker!
      Peg: No, it's mine. That's yours.
      (Spud threw out a TV)
      Pete: They're ruining my baby!

    • (Goofy drove the red car, carrying the tow truck along that Pete was in)
      Pistol: Ooo! Faster, daddy, faster!

    • Goofy: Is there something wrong?
      PJ: Do I look dumb to you?
      Goofy: No way, PJ. He's dumb. (Threw a chestnut at PJ)
      PJ: Ow! What's this?
      Goofy: A chestnut.
      PJ: Uh?
      Goofy: Not too pretty on the outside, huh? All spiny and cold.
      PJ: Yuck!
      Goofy: But come the right time, shell's fall off, (cracks shell) and Walla! Just look at it, A-hyuck, it's just all good stuff, and handsome too, A-hyuck. You know what I mean?
      PJ: Yeah, I think I do.
      Goofy: (Handed PJ the nut) Oh hold on to that.

    • Goofy: I wanna try the ol' hot tub. What's the matter, PJ?
      PJ: Uh, Max was being too busy being a phoney-baloney didn't even notice that I'm even here.
      Goofy: Ooh, maybe he's a little mixed up right now. I know I am.
      PJ: Really.

    • (Pete showed the inside of the RV)
      Pete: It's a home away from home!
      Peg: Yes, Uh-huh-huh-huh. Our home.

    • PJ: Uh, Mr. G?
      Goofy: Hiya PJ, what's up?
      PJ: Well, Max was wondering if you could loan something for the RV.
      Goofy: Oo, like what, spark plug?
      PJ: No, garage door.
      Goofy: My door? But I just fixed it up!
      PJ: Yeah well, Max says: "Dear dad, if you agree, I'm sure I can talk Pete into taking us along on a Vegas trip."
      Goofy: Las Vegas? Well, alright, A-hyuck! Now how am I going to get this thing? (Goofy presses a button, causing the door to drop down) A-hyuck, that was easy!

    • Max: So if he (Pete) starts liking me, you and I could spend a lot more time together.
      PJ: Oh yeah, I see. OK!
      Max: Now be a pal and get supplies for my dad.

    • Max: Peej, on a scale of one to ten, how much does your dad usually like me?
      PJ: Erm, less than zero.
      Max: Right.

    • Pistol: Want to see me spell "Mississippi" with only one eye?
      PJ: No.
      Pistol: (Covered one eye) M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I, get it? Ha-ha! Bye. (Ran off)

    • Pete: Oh, and Maxie, stop by tonight. I want your opinion on my new [Whisper] Pete-mobile.
      PJ: Alright, Max! He's starting to like you, man.
      Max: Pete-mobile?
      PJ: A top secret Recreational Vehicle he's working on. Even I haven't seen it yet.

    • Max: Speaking of which, let's go bomb a soda or something.
      PJ: No way! Right now, he's (Pete) definitely working.
      Max: How can you tell?
      PJ: He's wearing his sales glasses.

    • Max: You see, PJ, when it comes to mechanical stuff, my dad's a real flat toy. (Fell out of skateboard) Whoa! (Crashed sign)
      PJ: Yeah, at least he let you help. I mean, if my dad's working, steer clear, man.

  • Notes

    • Wally and Spud appeared in this episode. They are ruthless and sly, yet stupid criminals (Wally being the stupider one). They also appeared in Nightmare in Goof Street and The Good, the Bad and the Goofy.

    • In this episode, Max drove a vehicle (RV). He also drove in You Camp Take it With You and For Pete's Sake (Goofy's jeep for both times).

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