Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 39

Pete's Day at the Races

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Oct 29, 1992 on Disney Channel

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  • rather funny episode!

    Pete is stuck with a horse and comes up with a charastically dishonest way to make money. By 1) Oversell shares in the horse. 2) Make sure the horse never wins a race. To Pete shock, the horse turns out to be fast and the jockey is Goofy! Will Pete lose in the end as usual?
  • A story told by Pete.

    Note that "flashback" does not mean recycled scenes. It simply means that during the course of the episode, Pete was telling his story.

    Pete was the king of poker, beating all his pals in that game (Note: there's smoking and some degree of alcohol here!). He got himself a great reward that could rake his money: A race horse!

    Unfortunately, Pete didn't know anything about raising a horse, causing hate from his family since the horse wasn't a racing horse anymore, and the horse was bothering their lives.

    Pete's determination was still intact, and he wanted to win something out from her no matter what. He decided to get Goofy to help him. What was Pete doing when he told this story? You need to watch the whole episode to see the end of the tunnel, but you'll know why he's doing that when you reached there.

    This episode had a pleasent feeling in it, because you get to see a horse in this episode with lots of horse and some human instincts. This is another episode where kids will like as well, especially towards the end.

    Make sure you watch the race, it's well planned.