Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 3

Puppy Love

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 26, 1992 on

Episode Recap

At school, a kid, Wendell Franklin, was reciting his own poem, "The Real Me": "I like taffy, I like peas; I like recess, That is me – the end, thank you." The kids were laughing at him after that. The teacher thanked him, and Wendell returned to his seat. The next poem reader for "The Real Me" was be Rose Deckenbloom. Excerpt: "I am like a flower Hidden beneath the shady path, Waiting for someone to bring my world to life, Waiting for someone who will see that, behind my shy and quiet eye, I am alone, waiting to bloom." PJ was smitten, while the rest of the kids expressed their mockery by laughing after her recital, and some even threw wrapped up papers. The teacher stopped the commotion, and complimented her, but she ran out of the classroom in anguish. PJ was touched by her words, so he went to the bin to retrieve her discarded poem standing on Max for height. Max saw someone coming, so he lost PJ's balance, causing the garbage bin to roll downhill with him inside. Max ran after him and the bin, but his face got blocked by a paper. As the bin toppled, PJ landed in front of Rose. She walked away from PJ out of disgust (PJ was smelly). Max ran awkwardly and slipped on a banana peel, landing beside PJ. The boys found Rose's discarded poem. Max commented on its stench ("Well, maybe she didn't see the 'real you', but you did find the poem; Ugh! And an exotic new smell too!") At home, Peg was worried about PJ wasn't himself when it came to appetite (he didn't eat his third helping). Pete joked that about Peg's cooking, which resulted in him doing the dishes for her. After that, Pistol saw a telephone wire and followed it ("curiouser and curiouser!"), leading to PJ's room. She found PJ on the roof, calling the Love Talk phone line service for advice. He told them that there was a girl in school whom he had a crush, but she didn't know he had a crush on her. Excerpt: PJ: "I am like a flower, hidden beneath the shady path -" Operator: "Hello; Love Talk; you're on air." PJ: "I am - OK, uh - well, I kinda like this girl, see?" Operator: "Eh, same old story, huh?" (Laughs) PJ: "Oh, yeah, right, but, she doesn't know I like her, OK, so, what'll I do?" Operator: Whatever you do, don't play your hand too soon… (Gives advice) When Pistol came into the situation, PJ told her to scram, and when he ended the call, she told him that she will announce to her friends that he had a crush. PJ ordered her not to and grabbed her and shut her mouth, but she shouted it out loudly when PJ uncovered her mouth. The siblings got tangled on the telephone wire and fell down, and like a bungee cord, the wire sprung the two back to the room. Pete thought he saw something outside the window (The two dangled in front of the kitchen window while he was cleaning the dishes). Pete came to the room to ask what was going on, and Pistol spilt PJ's secret. Pete brought Pistol out of the room so that he could consult with PJ. Pete gave PJ advice to impress the girl, but the things he told him to do are immodest (belching and spitting) and ostentatious (wearing sunglasses and boots), and even added that Peg fell for him with that attitude. After that, Peg called Pete to finish his cleaning the dishes. During school the next day, Rose went to park her bicycle, where PJ hung out. He wasn't being himself by being a redneck, he threw the soda can he drank from away and belched and spat (to impress Rose), which she despised and left off. From bad to worse for PJ, Marty the bully came to PJ because he didn't like him. But as luck would have it, Max came in to interfere by placing a leash on PJ and tricking him that PJ thought he was a dog, thus rescuing PJ from that bully. Away from Marty, PJ moaned to Max that Rose disliked him and that his father was ruining his love life, but Max told him not to worry, as he will help him to win Rose. The plan was that Max will act as a baby in a carriage while PJ was assigned to rescue him to impress Rose. After seeing Rose leaving her house, Max purposely pushed his carriage downhill while PJ (dressed as a paramedic) told Rose that he will rescue the "baby" when Max pretended to cry. PJ got carried away when he wanted to express his love for Rose, but was reminded by her about the "baby" helplessly rolling downhill, so PJ ran after him. PJ wanted to rescue Max, but the rescue attempt failed, bringing PJ into the wild ride too, and not only that, they tracked and thrilled through the town's terrific traffic. They wind up at the lake where Max fell in the water and PJ hung atop the tree. In short, they didn't succeed to impress Rose. The boys went back to PJ's house (PJ was bandaged), only to meet Pete, who checked on PJ and his girlfriend. Max tricked Pete into thinking that PJ managed to take the advice well. This was so that Pete won't give PJ more advice that will fail. PJ was annoyed as he didn't trust Max and his dad to win Rose, and decided to stand up to himself by expressing his love to Rose his own way (Max: "That's the spirit!"), and that is by giving her a present. The problem is, he was shy, so he told Max to do the giving. In the school corridor, PJ told Max his plan: he will tell Max what to say to Rose while he hid in a locker as Max presented the gift. After the recess bell rang (end of recess), Rose came to her locker. Max told PJ that she was present, and so PJ told Max what to say to Rose. Rose opened the gift Max gave her to find a crystal ball with a red sludge inside, which she liked, and walked away, prompting Max to catch up with her and leaving PJ behind. Unfortunately for PJ, Marty was at the lockers and heard him, and when he discovered him, he angrily threw the locker containing PJ, where he travelled through three flights of stairs and the floor into his class in the nick of time for attendance. Max pulled PJ (still in locker) next to his seat. He told PJ the good news and the bad news. The good thing is that Rose loved the gift, but what's the bad news? She wanted Max to go for the Spring Dance with him instead of PJ. Excerpt: Max: What happened to you? PJ: Marty showed his knuckle collection. Max: Sorry. Rose went off so I just followed her. PJ: And? Max: You want the good news or the bad news? PJ: The bad. Max: She loves the gift and she said yes to the dance. PJ: But what's bad about that? Max: She wants to go with me. (PJ was distraught, shocked and fainted in his locker) Back at home, PJ was blaming Max about his terrible luck, but Max reminded him that the whole plan was his idea. Peg came and learnt of the problem, and knew Pete was partially behind PJ's bad luck. Max then was struck with an idea while Peg complained about Pete's incompetence with women. Max and PJ got dressed for the dance, and he had a plan on how Rose could get together with PJ. The plan was, while dancing, the two will switch partners to dance. But who will PJ's girlfriend be? "Melarie", who was Peg in disguise (PJ initially didn't know that). When Pete was about to come, the boys hid "Melarie". Pete told them that he will be driving the boys to the dance in a limousine (which Peg commented that Pete never did to her), and even gave PJ a pair of earrings for his girl. Peg let off a squeal of anger, which Pete thought he heard. After that, Peg was angry with Pete for unequal attention to her, but the boys pacified her. She went down PJ's balcony so that she could dash someplace else while the boys took a ride in Pete's limousine. By the time Peg reached one house, she went in there for a while so that it will look like as if she came from that house. In the limo, PJ gave "Melarie" the earrings (which already belonged to her anyway). Pete thought that "Melarie" looked familiar, but she denied that. At the school, PJ and "Melarie" as well as Max and Rose descended the limo. PJ thanked his dad for the ride and told him (nicely) to leave, but Pete decided to stick behind to see check on his son. In the hallway, Max asked Rose whether she liked to fast-dance, but she told him that she wasn't good at it, and PJ seconded that. At the school, the trio of musicians played bluegrass music, which all students in the hall disliked. So to make sure the students stayed behind, Max changed the music tape so that the music will be jazzy, which kept the attention of the crowd. Max pulled "Melarie" to dance with her, leaving PJ with Rose. PJ started their relationship off slow and steady, first by offering a fruit punch for her. Max and "Melarie" left the school hall, as their mission had accomplished. But did they? Pete interfered. He mistakenly thought Max was getting away with "Melarie", so he decided to do the "right thing", and put Max back with Rose, which made her cry. "Melarie" asked Pete if he will ever learn to let anyone else mind their own business, and revealed her true identity, Peg. Pete was shocked, and Peg pushed him into the food table, causing food to fly over, and before they know it, there was a food fight. During which, Peg told PJ to go after Rose, but this time, he must behave as himself. Before going, PJ kissed his mother. PJ and Max ran out of the school hall through the corridors, only to meet Marty. This time however, PJ was gallant, causing Marty to be scared and crash into a locker, passing out. In other words, PJ effortlessly defeated Marty ("Good thing too, I have rabies", PJ added). Outside school, PJ found Rose crying. He gave her an almost clean napkin ("You want a napkin? I only used it once.") and sympathised her loneliness. After that, PJ read Rose's poem, opening her up to him. She even told him that she preferred PJ to be himself because she liked him that way. Max saw the success of the plan and switched on a car radio for romantic music, and PJ took the opportunity to ask Rose to dance with him. Max was going back into the school to leave the two alone, but he was splat by a pie in the face. As the two danced, we see Max seeing the two enjoying themselves (Max became clean again).
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