Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 3

Puppy Love

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 26, 1992 on



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    • Pete: (to PJ) Son, you be cool, you be tough, and you'll always be the master!
      Peg: Pete, you get down here and rinse out the creamer!
      Pete: Coming, flower pot!

    • Max: What happened to you?
      PJ: Marty showed his knuckle collection.
      Max: Sorry. Rose went off so I just followed her.
      PJ: And?
      Max: You want the good news or the bad news?
      PJ: The bad.
      Max: She loves the gift and she said yes to the dance.
      PJ: But what's bad about that?
      Max: She wants to go with me.
      (PJ was distraught, shocked and fainted in his locker)

    • PJ: "I am like a flower, hidden beneath the shady path -"
      Operator: "Hello; Love Talk; you're on air."
      PJ: "I am - OK, uh - well, I kinda like this girl, see?"
      Operator: "Eh, same old story, huh?" (Laughs)
      PJ: "Oh, yeah, right, but, she doesn't know I like her, OK, so, what'll I do?"
      Operator: Whatever you do, don't play your hand too soon… (Gives advice)

    • Max: (To PJ) Well, maybe she didn't see the "real you", but you did find the poem; Ugh! And an exotic new smell too!

    • Peg: Petey Pie, I'm worried about PJ; he barely touched his third helping. You think it's the mumps?
      Pete: Naw, it's probably just your cooking, Hahahah! Just joking.
      Peg: Ha ha, guys humour; how amusing.

    • The Real Me (by Rose Deckenbloom):

      I am like a flower
      Hidden beneath a shady path,
      Waiting for someone
      to bring my world to life,
      Waiting for someone
      who will see that,
      behind my shy and quiet eye,
      I am alone,
      waiting to bloom.

    • The Real Me (by Wendell Franklin):

      I like taffy,
      I like peas;
      I like recess,
      That is me.
      (The end, thank you.)

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