Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 1

Queasy Rider

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 12, 1992 on

Episode Recap

In the Pizza Palace, Max & PJ were watching Butch playing a motorcycle arcade game. As soon as Butch beaten the game and achieved the high score, there were fireworks, everyone cheered and he was awarded a free pizza, which he threw aside on a stack on pizzas. Noticing the cool attitude of that guy, PJ was impressed, but Max had the motivation to challenge Butch so he could have some spotlight. Max took Butch's coin and confidently played the arcade game. Butch told Max that the game was for "cool" people, and not for "goofballs". Max assured him that he will beat Butch even then, even though PJ warned him. Butch called the others to see Max, causing him to feel peer pressure. What's worse for Max was that his bumbling dad arrived at Pizza Palace to pick him up. When Goofy looked away to wave to someone, he bumped on a stack of pizzas and slipped on one, causing the others to move out of the way. He crashed Max while Max was on the motorcycle. All the kids laughed (even PJ). Goofy found Max and told him to go back, where he could help him make cupcakes. Butch teased Max (and the kids laughed Max in ridicule again), so Max decided that it was best to leave. But then, Goofy saw that arcade game and decided to play a game. By the way he played, he didn't have any skill at all, and caused a domino tumble on the other arcade machines. Butch went to tease Max some more by saying "Like father, like goofball". Goofy told Max to get back with him, to which Max commented "doomed to be a dweeb" after his defeated spirit and dignity. In Goofy's garage, Max sat on the boxes and felt miserable while PJ told him that he couldn't conceal from discomfiture forever. He told him that kids are divided in two groups: Cool and un-cool, and he was considered un-cool. While PJ leaned on the stack of boxes Max was sitting on, he accidentally collapsed them. Max got out of the boxes and saw a real motorcycle with an image of a skull, and two bones embedded on it. He knew of something to improve his coolness. Goofy went out with cupcakes to get to Max to cheer him up with snacks. When he opened the garage door, he was carried by the door when Max opened it first. He called his dad, but soon found that he was hanging at the garage door. The boys brought him down from the door to show him the motorcycle they found. Max asked his dad if he could ride it, but Goofy said no as the motorcycle isn't a toy, but allowed Max to wash it. Max & PJ pushed that bulky motorcycle out of the garage while Max told him that he'll be talked about when he rode that motorcycle. While Max carried sponges and a pail of water for cleaning, PJ sneaked to the faucet and release a great volume of water, causing Max to be attacked by the uncontrollable hose, which Max managed to control. PJ laughed out loud, so Max knew it was him, and gave him a payback. Max called PJ, where he was met with a jet of water in his face, in which he surrendered to Max. After the final polish, Max and PJ adored the skull image on the motorcycle. Pete came and inspected the motorcycle, and congratulated them for their nice job cleaning, but then, he added that it won't run, because the transmission of the motorcycle was gone, which means the motorcycle is basically useless. Max and PJ got to the garage searching for a suitable substitute to fit the puzzle of the defunct motorbike. He found just the thing: the washing machine. PJ wasn't sure, but Max assured him that it will be alright. After Max finished fixing the motorcycle, he put helmets on himself and PJ and went to test it. In the living room, a sulky Goofy went to sit down on the couch, unaware of Waffles. Waffles shrilled when Goofy sat on him, where he ran across the piano's keyboard and on the TV, turning it on. It showed a videogame called "Wild Rider", and Goofy agreed to play the game. After making sure the kids weren't watching, he played the game. Meanwhile, Max managed to start the motorcycle. He took some time before being able to get it on the roads. Max drove the motorcycle with lack of knowledge, and crashed into anything he came across. When a mailbox landed on his head from an accident, he couldn't see where he was going. He even swept past a trio of Road Hogs, and out of irritation, they chased him. When the Road Hogs caught up with Max & PJ, the two were in serious trouble as the Road Hogs wanted to take revenge on their recklessness. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on you), Max & PJ weren't looking at where they're going, so they out of track and drove in circles inside a gazebo, on the floor and on the walls. The boys were driving in circles endlessly, that is, until PJ twisted the speed dial on the motorcycle, causing the motorcycle to break past the gazebo and the Road Hogs. Therefore, the Road Hogs pursued them. Through the streets, Max & PJ crashed a dustbin and fell in it, where they were safe from the Road Hogs as the lid on the bin was slammed shut. The thing is, the motorcycle was left behind, and the Leader of the Road Hogs (Dagger) inspected it. He recognized it as the motorcycle of "The Skull", and Max immediately told them it belonged to his dad. He denied his dad's popularity, but the Road Hogs told the boys how legendary the biker "The Skull" was. Hearing this, he pretended to agree with them. The motorcycle was spoilt, so one of the bikers (Beast) fixed it for them. After that, Max took the motorcycle for a spin again, and was this time better with it, performing better stunts. With this, the Road Hogs considered putting Max & PJ in their troop. They were given jackets as approvals. PJ suggested that Max go on home, but Max wanted to go somewhere else first. Max & PJ arrived at the Pizza Palace with Road Hogs. Max boasted himself as the best of all bikers in front of his friends, scaring Butch away. This was also a big mistake in Max's part, because he aroused anger in Dagger into challenging Max into a Biker's Duel in order to compete for the title of the best biker, as part of the Road Hogs' tradition. Pete went to Goofy's house, but he had to shove himself into the house for Goofy was engrossed in his videogame. So Pete had to remove the TV plug from the socket to get Goofy's attention. He wanted to know where PJ was, so Goofy told him that the last time he saw him and Max, they were in the garage with his motorcycle. Those weren't there, according to Goofy. Pete made it clear to Goofy that the boys drove his motorcycle away. Meanwhile, Max & PJ and the Road Hogs were at the Dead Man's Ridge, a very high cliff. Max was distressed at first, but he had an idea of asking his dad for help. He told Dagger that he wanted to use the phone to order the "victory" pizza, but he only wanted to call his dad to arrive at the Dead Man's Ridge. He couldn't do this openly, as he can't keep matters private. He also can't keep the call long, as Dagger forced Max into the race immediately. As the race was about to start, there was a mysterious figure. The figure was known as "The Skull", and it was none other that Goofy. Dagger underestimated him because of his clumsiness. Goofy told the boys to get home, but Dagger told him that the boys were part of their troop. One of the Road Hogs suggested that "The Skull" would like to take on Dagger in the Biker's Duel, and Goofy was forced on his motorcycle. In this gamble, it was up to "The Skull" to win for the boys' freedom; failure to do so and the boys will be permanent members of the Road Hogs. As the race started, Dagger drove off first. Goofy was forced to speed by one of the Road Hogs. Goofy was driving fast towards the ridge. Then, his eyes were covered with his scarf. He approached nearer, and nearer, and nearer where Dagger stopped. Max was in query as his dad was about to freefall. Goofy fell off the ridge. It seemed that all was lost for Max & PJ, but Goofy's scarf caught the ridge's fence, so he was able to coil back up high on the land thanks to the extremely stretchy scarf, thus winning the duel. Dagger was defeated, but he had no hard feelings about it, as he recognized Goofy as "The Skull". Finally, Max went home with his dad by foot. They picked up their motorcycle as they walked off into the sunset, while Dagger proclaimed "The Skull" (Goofy) as "The Greatest Biker of All Time". Excerpt: Max: I can't believe how much trouble this dumb chopper got me into. Hey dad, did they really used to call you "The Skull"? Goofy: Yup, sure did: Numbskull; a-hyuck! (Goofy and Max picked up "The Skull" motorcycle) Road Hogs' Leader: The greatest biker of all time. (Goofy and Max walked into the sunset. Goofy tripped, but got up and hopped away with one foot)
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