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  • Love the movies but this may not be as good sadly

    1st ep (10)
  • A good 1990s Disney Show.

    Its a good cartoon that involves old time classic, Goofy. Goofy now has a son named Max and has his friend PJ. Goofy's neighbors are Pete and his wife. They get in crazy adventures whether it is camping, or trying to fix something. Its just zaney some of the events they get into. The animation is also very cartoon-like, but in a good way. Exagerrated at times. Certainly funny at times too. The cartoon is not mindblowing, but is a good daily fix if you can find it on TV or happened to record it. Give it a try, something better then todays stuff.
  • A cute show about Goofy and his son Max.

    This show was created sometime after the release of "A Goofy Movie", but instead of the problems of the teenage Max and father Goofy, it was more about when Goofy and a younger Max move to the town Pete and his family lives in and the mishaps that they go through. Unlike most shows that come after a movie, this one didn't go horribly off movie plot, mainly because it takes place before the movie would have happened. It was a nice pleasant show to watch, not at preschool level but not at exactly at the older kid level either.
  • If u want an good classic funny cartoon show.Goof Troop is the right show.

    Goof Troop well this is how should I put it.We could say Goofy started his own show.It is about him and his son Max.Even their next door neighbor as well Pete and family.I believed Goof Troop is before "A Goofy Movie" since Max was younger in the show.Ya know this show got me an lot of questioned while watching this and the movie.We see Pete's wife and daughter.Its very interesting how they did not appeared in the movie as well.Anyway Goofy is an very funny Disney Character.This show is very cool as well.I used to watched.Altough the theme song is very catchy that I hate to admitt.
  • I thought this show was great

    This show rocks! I found it very funny, especially Goofy and Pete, my 2 favourite characters from the series. They had a great interaction of a love/hate relationship which made the show funny and cool! The characters were good, the show had original and well thought out plots and it was obviously a Disney classic, before all the newer teen crap we have today took over. A tradional Disney toon which was great and funny. I'd recommend this to all ages, especially to Disney lovers.
  • One of the best cartoons ever made.

    Goofy is the man. I remember when i first started watching this show and it was 10 years ago. This show is about Goofy and his son, Max living in the town called Spoonerville. I only wish that the series could continue. It also has characters like Mickey Mouse's nemesis Pete as well as his family Peg, PJ and Pistol. Seeing how Goofy's cat Walles reacts about his owner reminds me of Garfield. What an amazing show. To me its the best show created by Disney. The series also has a movie known as "A Goofy Movie" and its sequel "An Extremely Goofy Movie". Both movies took place a few years after series. And they have Jason Marsden to play Max. He is one of my favourite Voice Actors. I give Goof Troop 5 Gold stars for being the most awesome Disney show EVER!!!!!!
  • I'm starting to miss this a little.

    Wow. Goofy in his own show. At first I didn't think too much of this show but now that I'm starting to have some flashbacks of this show, from what I can remember, it was great. Certainly better than a number of dysfunctional family comedies I can name (not including 8 Simple Rules of course).
    Back on topic though, this would surely satisfy any Goofy, Max, or Pete fan. Goofey raising a family next door to his grouchy neighbor Pete was a great concept and from what I remember, it was pretty funny when it needed to be. It had great music, good voice acting, well-rounded characters, nice writing, and the characteristics and interactions between Goofey's family and Pete's family were nailed very well.
  • Like most of the Disney releases around the time of Goof Troop, this show was good.

    Not much to really review this show, because it more or less speaks for its self. Pete and Goofy settling down, start watching kids. Goofy, always being goofy has some of the most remember able laughs for a Disney series. Even see Pete was funny because they made him less of a villain into a more dirty dealer, but also a goof ball himself. See PJ and Max being kids, is rare in todays cartoons. They where able to make you laugh with out really going to some of the newer aged cartoons. Plus when they did family history it always ended up with Goofy's and Pete's being together somehow. This show could give laughs, and that is usually all it takes some times to make your day.
  • Take a peek at the main page

    I've got to be honest and admit when this show began I thought it was dumb, but I had never watched it. I loved the movies and didn't like the voice change. But once I sat down and watched the show I found out it was awesome and so much better than it was even designed to be!
  • One of the best shows that made my childhood

    Goofy has his own show, which is awesome because he is funny.
  • love goof troop

    i love goof troop,i miss watching it on tv
  • This show rocks!

    Goof Troop is an animated series which was made in 1992 about Goofy and his son called Maxtogether they have crazy/zany adventures together along with Pete, Peg and PJ who is Max's best friend and this show is truely a classic and they should bring this show back the finale was great though(the Christmas special) i liked the Reindeer dance thing it was just so damn funny, Disney Channel have definately got to bring this show back but they'd rather have teen crap like Hannah Montana and High School Musical because now they market at teens rather than the whole family and that annoys me since we don't want shows like this come to your senses Disney Channel and bring this, DuckTales and Quack Pack back on the air.
  • Best Disney show at the 90s? You said it.

    I'm 12....and I totally adore "Goof Troop". It's about Goofy and his 11 and a half year old son, Max, with their neighbors, they have crazy adventures in Spoonerville. I say, although those new Disney shows are in the genre: comedy and family. "Goof Troop" beats those. Why? Because...other than the comedy...some episodes have heart-filled moments. (Beats those shows which only focus on comedy. =P) like the episode "Meanwhile, Back at the Ramp" and the Christmas special. Well actually...I'm not a fan of those modern and new shows....I don't even watch them. What I watch? "Darkwing Duck", "DuckTales", "TaleSpin", "Rescue Rangers", "Quack Pack" AND especially "Goof Troop"
    Disney's best shows were in the late 80s-late 90s...and "House of Mouse". Is that possible that all of those came from a 12 year-old?
  • Awesome!

    This show is one of the first shows I watch on the equivalent of Disney Afternoon in my country, and I think it's funny now, especially when Pete's gone haywire and goes on a rampage. And Max (Goofy's son) is so cool, he deserves to be in other cartoons Goofy is in because they are such a cool duo. Watching the episodes in Youtube is the fun part of this show, because it brings back so much memories, which is beacuse I only got s little of it from the past that I realise now what on earth is going on. Thanks for reading!
  • Me the song in spanish

    Con Goofy y Max
    Que son el no va mas
    superan toda adversidad
    ya se que no sois tal para cual
    los pasais fenomenal
    ya llega la tropa de Goofy
    y nos llena de alegría
    con la tropa de Goofy
    no falta compañia
    si la tropa llega a un lugar
    la cosa empieza a rodaaaaaaaaaar
    pues claro que si
    ya llega la tropa de Goofy y nos llena de alegría
    con la tropa no falta compañia
    si la tropa llama presta atencion llega ya la diversion
    con la tropa de Goofy lalalala si. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • is 2007 and toondisney bring back 4 great shows on tv

    yes last week i got my directv hook up and when all the update upload i search for shows i am look foward to see and guess what i found the show and it was goof troop and now i am going to watch it. yes when is over i will download them and save them in youtube or something and yes it back and it was long time since 2001 since jetix came on. goof troop is back and is back and is back and i hope they bring it back for real goof is back forever sweet
  • i soooo flippin miss this show

    when i was like 5 i used to wake up at like 3 in the morning and i would go downstairs and watch goof troop.. they stopped playing it and i was very sad.. nine years later i'm sitting here and it is going to be on and i'm going to relive my childhood memories..awww i can't wait.. i love watching old shows that i used to watch.. it makes me smile inside
  • Now this is a true comedy.

    Goof Troop will keep you laughing when your'e down it's a show about Goofy and his son Max this show is a true comedy thank god whoever made this show and sadly they are'nt making more episodes this show is better than DuckTales even(no offence i like DuckTales but this show is better.) Hilarous antics and stuff fans of the Goofy Movie will love this show i think this show was fabulous the theme song is catchy this would beat cartoons like My Gym Partner's a Monkey and Robotboy by a long shot i just love the antics in this show even Max's voice sounds like Timmy Turner's voice from the original FOP Cartoons in Oh Yeah Cartoons! i believe that voice is much cooler and older i'm sad they cancelled it bring it back please Disney.
  • Goofy living in Spoonerville with his son Max, and their next door neighbors Pete, PJ, and Pistol.

    Best show on Toon Disney! They also have a Goof Troop video game for SNES, where Goofy and the gang go fishing, but Pete and Pj get captured by pirates, mistaking Pete for a crafty and evil pirate captain! In this game, you play as Goofy and Max as they go through Spoonerville Island, solve the puzzles, and defeat the evil pirates to save Pete and Pj! This game is so fun, I played it from the beginning and played to the end and won! Best SNES game ever!
  • Goofy being just what he is goofy.

    Goofy one of my favorite disney characters finally had his only show, to bad it got cancelled. Anywhy one reason I love disney so much the animation and humor. A great set of characters. I love Pete's wife Peg it almost seemed like she was the woman of the house even though pete is so burly. But of Course Goofy was my favorite. An instant classic.
  • the shows about goofy and his son max.

    this was a really great show to bad it only made two seasons though.I think it could of made another season or two.I wish it hadn't been taken off of Toon disney in 2004,just to make room for new shows from Disney Channel.My favorite character probably was Pete or waffles goofy's cat.
  • Goofy is the man! This show was great it was nice seeing a Disney character actually in a story line. There was Max, Pete, and Pete's son P.J. Along with Pete's crazy family the adventures they got into were just great.

    I look at Disney throughout the 90's and they had really great T.V Shows, like Darkwing Duck, Chip N Dales, Ducktales, Recess and many others. However Goof Troop is equally deserving of getting a nod. This show awesome in the 90's and when it's on Toon disney I admit I occasionally watch a couple of episodes. Goofy is hysterical as Max's fun loving Father, and Pete is funny also as P.J's father and it's great when Pete and Goofy end up in a predicament. Goofy is a mellow guy, and Pete is the angry character and when they mingle it's just hillarious. This show is great and I think they made a couple of spin off movies after it. One of the top Disney cartoons.
  • This is the best show since I watch it when I was young. Now that I can live with Goof Troop all the time!

    I really like about Goofy and Max because this show was good and it was like comedy, drama, and even some funny parts to go with it. Few years ago I recorded all 78 episodes on Toon Disney except Counterfeit Goof. That way I'll have a history of Goof Troop for years to come!