Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 11

Sherlock Goof

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 21, 1992 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Technical Error: In the beginning of the episode, where Max was sitting on the couch and reaching his hand for a cushion, his eyes are periodically green.

    • Technical Error: When Professor Inferiority (Pete) opened the hatch to drop his henchmen into the water, the boat never sank. By right, any hole in the boat will fill it with water, as shown later when the acid corroded the boat and made holes, sinking the boat.

  • Quotes

    • (A mouse went into Sparky's House)
      Max: You know what, dad? I think I'll name him Sparky.
      (Goofy and Max hugged each other)
      Goofy: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, a-hyuck!

    • (Note: SG = Sherlock Goof)

      "How to" Narrator:

      How to be a Detective

      (Part 1)

      Ah…the detective...lab dog of the sewer of villainy, the stalwart champion of justice who keeps his nose close to the ground and sniffs out the hint of every turn. (*SG inspected the ground until he was in the fireplace, where he sneezed in the midst of ashes*)

      Narrator: Valentine.
      SG: Thanks.
      Narrator: You're welcome.

      Rule number one of every good detective is to always return to the scene of the crime. (SG: "Gotta get back to the Tower of London." *SG ran back to the Tower of London*)

      Chapter 1: Looking for clues

      The detail of a detective covers every inch of ground with a fine toothcomb…(SG: (*inspected the toothcomb.*) "Gawrsh…dandruff!")…searching high and low with eagle-eye sleuth leaves no stone unturned… (*Professor Inferiority's henchmen pushed a gargoyle statue down from a storey, but missed SG*) …or rock undropped.

      SG: (*Inspected gargoyle statue*) Gawrsh!
      Henchman #1: I think we missed him.
      (*Henchman #2 swiped his cap to hit Henchman #1, but Henchman #1 evaded it.*)

      The gumshoe, true to his moniker, always sticks to the case no matter what danger appear on the horizon. (*SG's shoe got stuck on bubblegum, and he looked at it with his magnifying glass.*) SG: "Got a gum on my shoe." (*pulls himself away from the adhesive gum*)

      (Part 2)

      Always the way of impending danger, the ever vigilant crimestopper is never caught by surprise. (*Henchman #1 was about to hit SG and Sparky the Mouse, but SG and Sparky missed that attack*)

      (Part 3)

      The detective, master of surprise, creeps stealthily forward, net in hand, ready to ensnare the duplicitous violence. (*SG and Sparky were confused*) The bad guys. (*SG and Sparky understood the metaphor*)

      (Part 4)

      Chapter 3: Pursuing the Criminal

      Using the trusty magnifying glass, the dogged detective searches untiringly for the right clue.

      SG: (*inspected a button*) A button!
      Narrator: The right clue, numbskull!
      SG: A-hyuck, oh-hohohoho-ho! Sorry. (*Found the trail of jewels, picking them up one by one as he followed it*) A jewel! And another! And another! Pardoner Kitty, I'm on the trail!
      Narrator: (Sigh) Thank goodness.

    • Dr. Inferiority: Sherlock Goof, Huh! Who do they think they are dealing with Tinkerbell.

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