Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 9

Tee for Two

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 07, 1992 on

Episode Recap

(Note: Goof Troop = Goofy, Max, PJ, Pistol and Peg)

In the beginning, the Goofs and the Petes were at Honest Pete's Used Cars listening to Pete's speech about him initiating his latest project. Pistol asked her mother if they could go back (because she was tired), but Peg told her to stay a little longer. Pete introduced a model of his upcoming "Pete's Mega Emporium Used Car-Plex". The gang, however, wasn't impressed to the point that they slept and mumbled. Pete promised the gang that they will love it, for he bought the mini golf course, Goonie Golf, which drew everyone's full attention. They were happy to hear that and went to congratulate Pete for buying that course as they walked to the course.

They were chagrined to hear that instead of buying the place to maintain it, he was going to demolish it the next day for his emporium. Pistol cried, and Peg and Goofy reminded Pete that the place is treasured by most of the town, but Pete was adamant with his decision, stating that the place won't sell.

Peg and Goofy told him about their great times at the course, and even brought him into the resort to see photos of great times on the "Wall of Fame". PJ and Max pleaded him to keep it intact, and Peg asked him if he went to play there before. Pete said that he did it once, and claimed that he was a pinnacle player, so he was bored and wanted to take it down. Goofy told him that because of that, he could teach him some golfing tips. He prepared long, before hitting the golf ball with a club. The ball bounced around the resort, causing various sauces to splatter Pete. Pete claimed to Peg that the place won't be able to make business and left, but Peg will prove him wrong. With the help of the Goof Troop, she will make sure that the golf course will be saved.

At night, the Goof Troop cleaned, painted and basically refurbished every single infrastructure of the place. After they're done, Goofy believed that Pete will "flip" when he sees the place.

On the next day, Pete arrived at work. He wondered what happened to the golf course, which was covered in a very large cloth. The Goof Troop were standing there as well. Peg uncovered the cloth, presenting to Pete the renovated course, "Pete's Goonie Golf". When Pete saw the new look of the course, he was bitter at it and disliked it, stating that he looked "geeky" with his face everywhere in the course. After Peg's hair drooped in disappointment, she told him that the place will make money, but Pete laughed and gagged because he highly doubted that the place will profit. Peg angered, and assured him that the place will be highly profitable, which Pete was confident she won't make it and left the course. Peg was very angry.

After that at the golf course, Goofy announced a lucky customer whose reward was plentiful of soda (and he immediately ran to the restroom), Max and PJ served hamburgers at the grill stand with Peg as the cashier, and then the crowd gathered to see Goofy hit the golf ball, which was hit far off the course.

After that day was called, the Goof Troop were tired, except Pistol (who didn't do anything). Peg calculated the profit margins, and cheerfully announced that they made a profit of $500. Max and PJ high-five, while Pistol pushed the accumulated cash in the bag Goofy held. Goofy was glad that Goonie Golf was saved. Pete came in and believed that the golf course wasn't profitable, but Peg old him that they made profit. Pete claimed that he could make ten times the money from his car lot business when he heard of the Goonie Golf's success, and told them that tomorrow the place will still be taken down.

At Pete's house kitchen, Peg chopped a sausage with Pete's logo. Pete came into the kitchen and wanted a kiss from Peg, but she refused. Pete convinced that as he will be a mogul thanks to his emporium, they will be able to gain extra vacations, but she wasn't falling for that. Even the rest of the Goof Troop didn't follow his opinion to change their minds from saving the golf course and stood on the opposite side of the counter, ticked off. They ate their lunch (food was from the grill stand) while ignoring him. Pete understood that the gang wanted to save the golf course, but gave them the same reason as before to let it go (the reason was not profitable, which everyone grew tired all of a sudden because of repetition) while he was going to eat his lunch (Chainsaw ate a pancake out of the fork). Peg declared that they will then buy Goonie Golf from him when they had the sufficient money to do it, and left the kitchen with the Goof Troop.

Pete drove his car mumbling about the opposition that everyone else gave to him. He halted when the traffic jammed. He saw Peg at a stall selling petunia and anchovy sauce pies (as part of saving Goonie Golf), which Pete was astonished, because that was his favorite. He checked his lunch box hoping for the pie, but there were an apple core and half-bitten crackers. He was disgruntled, so he thought that he could get a pie from Peg, but all the pies were sold out.

Pete heard Goofy calling for bid to everyone in an auction, selling a pirate Halloween costume, also to save Goonie Golf. One of the people heard this, and volunteered to bid to save the course. Pete told Goofy that the costume was his, but Goofy told him that he explicitly gave it to him when he was cleaning the garage. Pete wanted it back but Goofy told him that to get it, he had to bid the highest. The first bidder and Pete raised prices until Pete bade $1000, so he got his costume, but because Goofy mentioned to everyone that he was planning to demolish Goonie Golf, the crowd chased him and pelted fruits at him, so Pete hid behind a tree. He saw Pistol selling mud pies, so Pete "facepalmed".

Chainsaw was outside delivering newspapers to people, who, for her service, threw coins in a tin can around her neck. Pete called Chainsaw to pick up the newspaper for him. She happily did, so Pete left. Realizing that Pete didn't pay up, she attacked him until his clothes were torn apart. While Pete scolded Chainsaw, she picked a coin from one of the trouser pockets and put it in her tin can.

Pete read the papers and was aghast to read that the whole of Spoonerville exerted the total donation of $50000 to save Goonie Golf. Peg handed the cash to him, claiming that she had successfully made the money to buy the course from him (thus saving the course). Pete indignantly released his fury as he was given a bad name on the newspaper, and abruptly announced the refusal of selling the course and the demise of Goonie Golf. But then, the bulldozing worker came to Pete to refund Pete's bulldozing cash to save the course (canceling the deal), so Pete gave that money to the worker to buy the bulldozer so he could destroy Goonie Golf himself.

As Pete was driving his bulldozer to Goonie Golf, he was blockaded by the Goof Troop, where Goofy and the kids held anti-Pete signs and Peg tying herself at the entrance. Pete went down the bulldozer and argued with Peg. She told him that she had public opinion on her side (people who supported the charity event), but Pete told her that he had the law on his. Peg realized that Pete called the police, who came shortly. The policeman came, and Pete yelled that Peg was on his property (keep in mind that Pete refused to sell Goonie Golf), so the police went to cut the rope and told the Goof Troop to stay away from the property. The Goof Troop were saddened, but Peg optimistically (with sadness) told the gang that they did their best and decided to give in, but they could at best reclaim all the memorial photos left on the "Wall of Fame". Even the policeman mentioned that he had a photo of himself winning the Future Policeman's Tournament when he was 10. Pete yelled "Come On!" to the police, which he cut the rope.

As Goofy, Max and PJ carried piles of photos, Goofy tripped over a rock, followed by PJ and Max. In the midst of the scattered photos, a picture of a young Pete (crying with a golf club) being derided by kids landed in front of Goofy. He called everyone to see the photo. Max thought that Pete was ace golfer, but Goofy told everyone that he was rather klutzy with playing golf, and in fact, the first time he played, he was a laughing stock in front of the third grade, in which he never played at Goonie Golf again.

Pete called the Goof Troop to hurry up and get out, but Peg had a better idea when she knew why Pete was so resentful with the golf course. She asked Goofy to play a round of golf with Pete for one last time before the course goes down, and told the kids to get out of the place while Pete gets ready to demolish the "worthless" place, much to the kids and Pete's surprise. Peg told Pete to go ahead and demolish Goonie Golf, which Pete was surprised, but he let the bulldozer roll anyway. While Pete was driving, Peg told him about his third graders' opinion about him, so Pete stopped the bulldozer and was curious to know more about this. Peg mentioned that Pete's third graders were bad to him for his terrible golf performance, but Pete denied it. Peg also told him that she and the kids only believed in his skill, and that she called the "pro golfer" in golf to challenge him, but since he didn't want to, she decided to cancel the challenge. Pete was surprised to know that the "pro golfer" was Goofy, and because of that, he decided to challenge him in a round of golf.

Pete went to Goofy to compete in a round of golf, three holes. PJ was shocked that his mom talked him into playing golf, but Peg assured him that he will win, with Max's remote controlled ball ("Trick ball") he gave his dad last year.

Peg placed the "trick ball" on the tee, so Pete could get ready to hit the ball, As Pete swung the club (before hitting the ball), he faked an injury. Peg didn't fall for that, so Pete hit the ball anyway. Although he spun in circles when he swung the golf club, he missed the ball. As he was unconscious on the ground, Max controlled the ball to roll into the hole. Goofy called Pete to look at the ball roll into the hole. The ball rolled through a flamingo, turned at turns and bounced into the hole. He took the credit for it when everyone cheered. Pete told Goofy to take his turn. Goofy hit the ball across the course, and it went into a hole, that is, his trouser pocket. Pete told Goofy that the game's objective was to hit the ball into the pocket, but Goofy told him that he did, because there was a hole in his pocket. Pete sighed.

On the second course, Pete demonstrated to Goofy how to hit the ball, and when he swung his club (it missed), the ball was controlled to roll along the course. Goofy and Peg were impressed as the ball went, and while the ball rolled, everyone chased the ball to the hole, where it went. They all cheered, and as Pete was much too egotistical (and generous), he decided to let Goofy use his ball, which wasn't suggested by everyone else. Goofy hit the ball, which hit the tree, causing it to break down.

Pete told everyone the they had to have the feel for the game to hit perfectly, and his ego was boosted to the point that he decided to blindfold himself and hit the ball. He swung the club and spun away (the ball was still intact), giving Peg the opportunity to hit the ball (cuing it). Pete saw the ball went and told Goofy that he didn't have a problem at all.

The ball rolled into the lake, where PJ swam up to throw the ball before diving back into the water. Peg hit the ball when it stopped, then when it stopped again, PJ hit the ball. Eventually the ball rolled near the hole, so Peg blew the ball with a straw so that the ball rolled into the hole. When Goofy and Pete saw this, Goofy announced that Pete won, which Pete was ecstatic about. The Goof Troop came (including Chainsaw) and gave Pete a trophy. Peg took a picture of Pete with his winner trophy and wanted to put it on the "Wall of Fame", but was sad that there won't be, for Pete wanted to destroy the course. Everyone even followed the lament and went off. Pete called everyone to wait, and gave them reasons on why the golf course was great to have around.

On another day, Pete was in his great moods promoting his cars at Goonie Golf, while kids gathered. A boy tugged Pete's coat to tell him that he never managed to hit the ball (having hundreds of strokes on the first hole), so Pete secretly gave his trophy to that boy (Peg saw that). Peg came to him and gave him a lovely kiss of praise before walking away. Pete fell down, but was extremely flattered by that.
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