Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 59

The Good, the Bad & the Goofy

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 26, 1992 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Goofy was on his roof fixing his roof so that crows won't peck holes on his roof. Pete was then about to drive out when he saw Goofy fixing. Goofy was up there sawing a flat timber, but he couldn't release the saw from the wood. As he yanked that saw, his excess strength caused the wood to break into two, sending one of them piercing through Pete's car roof. Pete went out of the car and felt bad for it, and claimed that Goofy had the "Goof Curse". Goofy apologized to Pete, but he accidentally knocked a barrel of planks which rolled along the roof, and then the planks in there dropped on Pete's car, wrecking it some more. Pete anxiously begged Goofy to stop the repairing, but Goofy couldn't hear him. He lifted his hand with that saw still on his hand with that wood still attached in it, which led to the wood being pitched into the air. That wood knocked into Pete's head and created a balm on his head. A crow came to land on Goofy's roof. Goofy reacted, and told Pete to quiet down. Goofy took a stick on his back and whistled away like as if nothing happen, and walked towards the crow. When he was in hit range, he smacked that crow, but missed. He hit it again and again, but the crow easily avoided his smacks. While he was smacking, he got tied by his own rope and equipment dropped from the roof, smacking Pete in the process. Pete tripped on a garden hose and broke a sprinkler as he panicked ran, Goofy was chasing the crow, but fell down on Pete. He scolded Goofy for having some sort of jinx. Peg ran to Pete to go to the supermarket for milk and eggs. Pete refused to go, but Goofy also wanted to go to the store for some corn for his crow trap. He told Peg that he refused to go with Goofy because he thinks that Goofy will bring him bad luck, but still must go. Goofy went to take some coupons from his house, and then they left for the mart, but not before Pete scolded Goofy.

They arrived at the supermarket already. Goofy let Pete go first, but Pete insisted that he go first instead. He thought that he could avoid Goofy's jinx that way, but was slammed between two automatic sliding doors. At the same time, two crooks appeared and were getting ready to rob the store.

Goofy walked in the supermarket with a shopping cart and saw a box, but didn't take it because it might collapse the whole thing. Pete thinks that he will bring more bad luck, so went to scold him. He took a higher box, and then it all collapsed. Pete was far away at that time, and bumped on one of the crooks and got away.

Goofy was taking a lot of corn from an aisle, and on the way, his pants got stuck by a nail. The crooks attempted a robbery, but one of them (Wally) was too stupid to recite the lines, so the other (Spud) went to threaten the shopkeeper.

Pete saw Goofy being stuck, and was hiding around the corner. Goofy accidentally toppled a gigantic trophy cup, sending it rolling across the lane. Pete ran away, ramming into the crooks. Pete hid behind the counter while the crook met the smashing of the giant cup. It however, hit a shelf, causing all the boxes there to fall on them all. The crooks emerged and walked away with the cash and Pete's wallet after that.

Goofy was meanwhile gathering a large stack of corn, but when Pete yelled for help, he heard it and ran to Pete. He slipped on a corn, sending a large quantity of corn to flow on Pete, sending them all to the crooks' car. When questioned, Pete attempted to get away, but was knocked back into the car when Goofy slipped and knocked him. The car had left. When the crooks saw Pete still in the car, they stopped and started to question him, but Pete told them to take him away from Goofy, and they all left.

At the store, Goofy unintentionally convinced the police that Pete's the criminal in the whole mess. He went home to tell Peg the bad news. Pete's was being captured by crooks and was wrongly accused of crime. Peg begged him to get him back, even when Pete had told him not to get near him. Goofy decided to do something about it.

At the highway, the crooks' car was out of gas, with Pete in the boot of the car. Goofy crossed by and saw their car trouble, so went to ask if they needed any help. They thought they will be caught, so didn't need any help. He insisted in sending them to the petrol station. They were sent to the station by rough means, which is through car-bumping. Goofy bumped their car from behind, knocking Pete over there and their car forward. They at last reached the petrol station.

Goofy went to pump gasoline into his car while he checked the crooks' car. He removed a lot of parts from the car, but their car still can drive away. They left their transmission part behind, so Goofy went back to his car to return it to them. He forgot to take off the pump as he drove, so when the pump went off his car, an explosion occurred at the petrol station. In the news, it was thought that Pete was behind the explosion, and an offer for $50000 will be awarded for his capture.

Pete was tied at the crooks' house, and then asked them to call home. Goofy took a call, and asked if they offered ransom, and they said yes (because they didn't know what a ransom is). The crooks even gave him their address. When Pete knows that Goofy will come, he freaked out. Goofy got a plan. He decided to make meatloaf for the crooks so they will have a long nap while he can rescue Pete. Peg called the police meanwhile.

Spud paced back and fourth as he anticipated ransom money. Goofy arrived at their house with meatloaf, in which the crooks ate it and slept. Goofy untied Pete, but unsuccessfully, so he resorted in Plan B. He got out. Pete was freed from his chair, so he hopped out of the house, but was hit by Goofy, thinking it was a crook. After that, Goofy was their next hostage.

In the crooks' shack, they asked for money from Peg, so Pete made up a sad story, only to be caught lying. Knowing that Pete's rich, Spud asked him his place, but he refused, so he asked Goofy instead. He refused, but unintentionally gave his address by giving his (he told them that Pete's his next-door neighbour).

Peg wasn't sure what to do, because Goofy was on his rescuing job but it might go wrong, so she went to get help. Meanwhile, the crooks arrived at Pete's house and started robbing them. Goofy ate a banana and threw it on the floor, so Pete scolded him for doing that. He remembered that Goofy had that "Goof Curse", so let Goofy be his own person. Wally stepped on the banana peel and slipped, and Spud ran into him and fell down as well. After that, Goofy and Pete ran away while they still can.

The crooks chased them to Goofy's house, where they're all trapped with the crooks chasing them. Goofy was being pursued by Wally, while Pete was being pursued by Spud. Goofy's slammed Spud by the door twice, while Pete ran around the corner outside of the house. Goofy ran until he's on the roof, but was stuck there. Spud saw where Pete's hiding (in the bush), so he sneaked to him. Goofy up there saw the crow from before, tried to hit it but caused mishaps to the crooks. What happened to them was the same as what happened to Pete just now (See Above). Goofy fell on the two crooks and defeated them. Peg then came with the police. The police arrested the two most wanted crooks in the country and thought that Pete did it, so Pete took the chance to lie to the police officer that he caught the crooks himself.

He emerged in a talk show and bragged about his capture on the crooks and saving Goofy. Peg switched off the TV and reminded Pete that Goofy was the true saviour of the whole thing. Pete pretended that he saved them all and said that Goofy had the jinx to end all jinxes. Peg also told him that she called Goofy to light the furnace for her. In the kitchen, Goofy pushed a knob, causing a giant explosion in Pete's house. Pete was aghast.

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