Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 5

Three Ring Bind

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Oct 10, 1992 on Disney Channel



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    • (In that scenario, Pistol was caught in a truck without brakes)
      Goofy: A-hyuck, Hiya, Pete. What's going on?
      Ringmaster: Follow that truck!
      Pete: That's my baby; I'll give the orders, see? Follow that truck!
      Goofy: Ooo boy, a-hyuck, just like a movie! (Drives off)

    • Pete: Baby cake...
      Pistol: Hi, daddy.
      Pete: Ninety-night, pumpkin face.
      (Closed-eyed, Pete was about to kiss Pistol, but kissed Monkey instead)
      Pete: Say...that kind of tickled.
      Pistol: Hahaha, I think one of us needs a little shave, daddy.
      Pete: Uh, yeah, one of us.

    • Pete: Night, son; sleep tight. If the bedbugs bite, hit 'em with a hammer. (Laughs)
      PJ: Ha ha, night sir.

    • PJ: Pistol; Where's Pistol?
      Giblet: I don't need a pistol to handle you two.
      PJ: No, man; It's my little sister!
      Giblet: Now get off my foot and scram! (Oh, these stupid jeans)

    • PJ: Giblet the Clown?
      Max: "Big red nose with a penalty" usually does not strike terror into my heart.
      Giblet: Your ten seconds are up.
      Max: I wouldn't mind him.
      Giblet: (Takes Max & PJ away) You two better get going while the get-gone is good.

    • Pistol: Hey, hey you! Ugly man with the hairy nose!
      Ringmaster: And what do you want, you nasty little big-mouthed girl?
      Pistol: I want to see the animals!
      Ringmaster: Well if you're not out of here in ten seconds, I'm going to sneak Giblet the Clown on you! (Slams the ticket booth window)

  • Notes

    • The Ringmaster is the same character as The Great Garbonzo, a magician ( Talent to the Max), except he has brown hair and moustache, whereas The Great Garbonzo has white.

    • Giblet the Clown appeared in this episode. He is a clown that hated his job. Other episodes starring him are: Hot Air and Buddy Building.

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