Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 64

To Catch a Goof

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Dec 03, 1992 on

Episode Recap

In the morning, Pete was having a feast of a breakfast. Peg suggested that Pete had to watch his weight because of his gluttony. Before Pete could have the last pancake, Peg snatched it from him, and asked him if he had any willpower. He claimed to have, and Peg started a bet with him: As long as he could go on without food, he will be able to receive the turbocharged dockboard motor he had always wanted. Pete agreed in that deal. After the bet, Pete was still tempted for food, but Peg stopped him from even eating the crumbs and all the food that Pete hid in his pyjamas. Pete had already been tempted to have something to eat already.

Goofy was carrying a large parcel into his house while the news reported of a criminal on the loose. Goofy unloaded a box, containing exercising equipment, a book and a small black suit. It turned out that Goofy wanted to learn to be a ninja. Goofy switched off the radio to put a cassette in it, thus starting the "How To be a Ninja" sequence.

Pete was walking back and forth without anything to do. He really wanted to eat, but he reminded himself that he had to have willpower to get his reward. He decided to watch TV to get his mind off food. However, anything on TV has food in it, challenging Pete's temptation. Pete couldn't take it, he ran into the kitchen. In the kitchen, the food there tempted Pete to eat them. Pete was hesitating there also, and yelled Willpower! to give himself willpower. PJ and Pistol called him, and when Pete turned around, he saw them as food at first, and then they asked what was going on. Pete begged his children to help him on his diet (make sure he didn't eat anything and control temptation), and in return, he will buy them free bicycles. The kids agreed to aid Pete in his quest.

At Goofy's house, Goofy tied a scarf around Max's mouth, and told him to act like a burglar (even taking the family silver) while Goofy practised his ninja skills on a burglar. Goofy heard a crash, and reacted. He ran towards the crash only to be crashed around the house himself. When he was flying around crashing, Max was hooked to him, and then they destroyed their fridge. Max asked his dad what will they do, and Goofy told him that they could eat all the food before they spoil.

At 6:15 pm, the food was still calling to Pete, and Pete already couldn't stand it. He ran into the kitchen, but activated a laser beam, causing a siren and flashy lights to activate. Pete made it into the kitchen and ran to the fridge, but when he took the food there, a bowling ball fell on him, knocking him out. Pete went into his bedroom to get some rest, but he heard something from Goofy's house. He saw the Goofs eating and drinking their food and drinks merrily. Pete drooled with hunger as he went to closely inspect the Goofs eating, causing him to fall into a bush from his balcony.

In the bush, Pete got up. A burglar (we'll call him Burg as in burglar) threw his bag over to Pete's bush (hitting Pete), jumped over the fence and retrieved his bag from the bush. He climbed to Pete's bedroom with his hook. Meanwhile, PJ and Pistol were downstairs ensuring that their dad didn't get his hands on food. When they were going to the bedroom, the burglar, seeing the kids heading there, faked their father and snored loudly. After they left, Burg got up and removed his mask. He stole jewels from Peg's jewellery box. Pistol and PJ were at the kitchen checking and preparing traps for their father. Peg came home from shopping and asked them what was going on. The kids told him that their father will get them new bikes if they could help him achieve his goal. Peg had a better idea than that.

Pete got up in the garden after being knocked by a wrench just now. He saw the Goofs leaving the kitchen after they had had enough of snacking. After the kitchen light was off, Pete went to sneak into Goofy's house through the window. Goofy and Max heard something in the kitchen. Thinking there was a burglar, Goofy told Max to call the police, while he went down to apply his ninja skills on this "burglar". He wore a ninja mask after that. Meanwhile, the burglar went downstairs for some more things to loot. He went into the kitchen, only to have his picture take by Peg, thinking that Pete was cheating on his diet. When they found out that it was really a burglar, she told the kids to call the police, but they came before they called. The burglar wanted to escape, but was bitten by Chainsaw.

Pete was in the kitchen, and before he could enjoy his sandwich, Goofy kicked it and went to fight Pete (whom he thought was a burglar). Pete ran away from Goofy, while the burglar ran off after Chainsaw was rid of the Burg. The burglar and Pete ran towards each other, but they bumped on each other as they jumped over the fence. The police came, and mistaken Pete and Goofy for the burglars (because there were jewels lying around Pete, which the burglar dropped).

Max saw the cops driving away, and thought that his father had taken the burglar. However, when he called his father, he wasn't there. Pete and Goofy were cuffed together in the same cell. Pete also scolded Goofy because he had misconception, like thinking the Pete was a burglar. When Goofy found out that because of him, they were both arrested, Goofy went to the cell and called the lawyer. When a police came in with pizzas, shakes and burgers, Pete eagerly anticipated it, but Goofy forced the food away from him as part of a hunger strike. Pete cried.

At Pete's house, PJ and Pistol were finding their dad. Peg thought she found him escaped, because she thought that the burglar's hook was set up by Pete to escape for food. Max went into PJ's house a little later to find his dad. PJ told him that they dealt with the burglar, but Max told him that his dad dealt with him. There was a news report on a radio. Everyone found out that the burglar was still on the loose while Goofy and Pete went to jail. The burglar was happy that they got the wrong guy, but he wanted to come back to snatch the only bit of evidence: Peg's photo. PJ tossed the camera downstairs to let Peg flash the camera on Burg. He was stunned every time the camera flashed on him. He tried to take that camera, but couldn't, as he was incessantly stunned by the camera's flash. Max, PJ and Pistol also took turns to stun Burg with the flashes from the camera.

Meanwhile, Pete and Goofy had their jail record pictures taken. After that, a pizza delivery van came. When the policeman led Goofy and Pete to the cell, Pete saw that delivery boy taking a pizza, and then the delivery van. When the police opened the cell, he realised the two of them were gone. It turned out that Pete was so starving he ate the model pizza of the pizza delivery truck. Goofy reminded Pete not to eat anything, but Pete was still ravenous. He saw a burger joint, and so drove the van there. The police caught the two of them escaping, and so called for reinforcements.

Back at Pete's house, Peg, Max, PJ and Pistol were still bullying Burg with flashes, but unfortunately the camera ran out of film. Gaining the upper-hand, Burg ran after the four of them while they ran from Burg. Pete drove to the burger joint to find that it's closed. The police were chasing Pete in police cars. Back at Pete's, Burg pulled Peg, who held on to the oven while Pistol whacked Burg's head with a frying pan (to no avail). Fortunately, PJ and Pistol's traps paid off, as a boxing glove coiled out from the oven (after Peg pulled it open) and punched Burg. Burg recovered from that punch and chased Peg and Pistol around the middle counter. Max and PJ came to the rescue, firing cans from the can-firing machine. The burglar got up, only to slip on those cans. Peg opened the basement door to let Burg fall down the stairs, while she closed the door. Peg called the kids to go outside.

Pete went to every outlet only to find out that they're closed, while the police were still going after them. Goofy told Pete to give up the food, because the only place left for food was his house. Pete thought of it, and decided to drive all the way back to his house. Back at Pete's house, Peg and kids ran out of the house just as Pete ran into the house. Max ran to tell his dad that the burglar was in the basement, so Goofy decided to teach him a lesson with ninja skills. Burg finally walked out of the basement tired, but Goofy was already ready to attack. He jump-kicked, but because Pete was weighty, Goofy could only reach so far, he hit Burg's nose. This was enough to knock the burglar back down the basement.

Pete saw his fridge, and with extreme ravenousness, he dished his tongue out. Peg called the cops to take the real burglar, Burg, with them. While Pete was dashing in place thanks to Goofy resisting his pull, the police apologised the two for mistaken identity and freed the bonds between the two men. Pete crashed his fridge. While Pete walked to his fridge, PJ and Pistol stopped him because he only needed to withstand one more minute of hunger to win the bet. Pete decided against it, and broke the chains that locked the fridge. Peg reminded him of his willpower, prompting Pete to stay on longer. Close to midnight, Pete opened the fridge, only to be punched in the face by a trap. The clock struck midnight, so Pete won the bet with his sheer willpower. The kids cheered, while Pete was half-conscious with hotdogs and burgers spinning over his head.

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