Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 11

Where There's Smoke, There's Goof

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 21, 1992 on

Episode Recap

At Goofy's House, Goofy was attempting to pull a weed on the ground. However, the weed evaded Goofy's grasps however Goofy attempted to catch it. So, he whistled in idle, and then tricked the weed. He caught the weed, but it held itself back, pulling Goofy with it. Max and PJ went to help him, but Pete called them two. Max and PJ went to see what Pete was planning, and he wanted to show them the way to start a barbecue. Max was especially excited about this.

Max and PJ arrived at Pete's house, where Pete put a lot of charcoal in his high-tech barbecue. PJ pointed that out, but Pete didn't care. Goofy was still pulling the weed, also pulling three small trees into the ground in the process as if they're connected to the weed. Goofy managed to reach the winding wheel, where he winded the importunate weed length by length.

Pete had finished his preparations, so he pressed the red button to cook. It didn't respond, however, so Pete gave the grill a swift kick, but was too hard on his foot. The fire department arrived to ask from Pete for some donation for the fire department for a new fire engine. Pete wasn't interested at first, but when he was referred to as a respected citizen, he decided to sweet talk the chief. The barbecue was then about to explode, but Pete ignored the warning. After that, there was a nuclear-like explosion, and at the same time, the weed Goofy pulled snapped and shock, sending Goofy swirling around the winder. The Fire Dept. Chief (we'll call him Chief) and Pete were running around the eruption in panic, but Pete reminded the Chief that he's the Fire Dept. Goofy was then swung up in the air, landing on Pete's large satellite dish, then grabbing it and spinning around on it. He then landed on the eruption and covered the fire. Goofy got out through the screw of the dish, where the Chief congratulated him for "mighty smart fire fighting". He offered Goofy the position of a fireman for a small donation. Goofy happily agreed. After the Chief, his Sidekick, Goofy and Max left, Pete inspected his satellite dish.

At the fire station, Goofy was assigned to clean the fire engine while Chief and Sidekick went to Mr. Hugh to ask for donations. He even stated that after a crank of the crank on the siren, they will come back to the rescue. At Hugh's Tower, the Chief and his Sidekick, Dexter went to ask Mr. Hugh for a donation for a new fire engine, but he refused. This is because Mr. Hugh wasn't allowed to sit on the old fire engine with his goldfish, Atlas. The firemen's attempt to make that deal failed, for they were rejected by Mr. Hugh through an activated trap door (for mentioning the "C"-word, Cat, as a respect to Atlas).

Back at the station, Goofy was cleaning a fire engine, which seemed to be a living thing. The engine enjoyed being washed, but when Goofy wanted to open the bonnet, the Engine (we'll call him Engine) resisted. Even when he successfully opened it by tickling the machine, Engine trapped Goofy in it and spat him out. A bit later, there was a sounding fire alarm. There were help needed, so Goofy cranked the siren but he cranked Waffle's tail. Max gave Goofy the real crank, but Goofy said that there wasn't time (for fixing the trouble), so he decided to go help some people with Max and Waffles on board, and together with Engine they left off. However, there was smoke in the fire station.

Goofy was driving on the road and meeting some close calls on the road, and then he crashed a coniferous tree. A ladder carried him high up, where he saw a kitty cat hung on the tree. Waffles was smitten, and when Goofy wanted to take the kitty cat, she shunned Goofy. Max let Waffles help the kitty get down, but was interrupted by Goofy, who decided to chop down the conifer instead. The tree fell on a house, and the two cats were in that house. When Goofy and Max got going, Waffles left with them. Meanwhile, Chief and Dexter came back and found the fire station burnt down. They had to then chase Goofy before he got into more trouble by following the siren.

At a house, Goofy was assigned to help a person remove his toe from the bathtub's faucet. He wasn't doing it in favour of the victim, as he slip (on soap) into the bathtub, and twisted the victim's foot. He inadvertently broke the pipe system, sending the tub to the outside of the house with a gush of excess water. Goofy had to then attend to another victim so he drove off immediately. Chief and Dexter arrived as soon as Goofy left, and when the victim wanted to talk to them, they ignored him and continued chasing Goofy.

As Goofy was driving he saw a window cleaner. He thought he was in trouble, so he stopped the Engine and held a trampoline for him to jump on. Initially the cleaner didn't know what was going on, but when Goofy warned him of fire, he jumped down in panic. While he landed on the trampoline the first time, he bounced into a hole on the road into the water. Goofy had then left for help-in-need. Chief and Dexter were still pursuing the Goofs, while Goofy spotted the next victim of a fire disaster: Hugh's Towers.

In Hugh's apartment, Mr. Hugh didn't want to leave his goldfish Atlas behind (it was in a large, heavy tank) so he won't leave. As Goofy arrived, he stopped Engine with his two heels. They went into the building, then out. When the Goofs went to check out the building, Goofy found out that his feet were on fire, so Max fired a fire extinguisher on Goofy to cool him down. Max pointed out the Mr. Hugh was still trapped in the tower, so he and his dad took the fire hose. Goofy and Max pulled both ends in opposite directions, springing them back. So, Max went to plug the hose in the fire hydrant, while Goofy aim the hydro pump. The hose was out of control, so Engine fired his horn for Goofy to control the hose. Goofy blew the horn like a flute to control the water hose, snake tamer style. The hose was out of control when Goofy was off guard, but then a knot was tied automatically, gathering a large clump of water. Goofy initially didn't know what was wrong with the flow of water, but when he found out, it was too late. Goofy was fired up into the air, so Max raised the ladder for his dad to catch. Waffles was caught on one of the ladders. Goofy caught the ladder Waffles was on, and he almost crashed an aeroplane. He also floated down when he fell down, landing on top of Hugh's towers. Over there, Goofy was confronted by fire sprites; the fire sprites then tormented Goofy. Max and Engine decided to take action as well, driving all the way upstairs from the ground floor of Hugh's Towers, with Chief and Dexter trailing behind. The fire sprites were extinguished when Goofy fell down through the top window, landing in Atlas's tank.

In Mr. Hugh's room, there was trouble as Waffles wanted Atlas as food, while Goofy wanted to rescue Mr. Hugh, but he won't leave without Atlas, even swimming in the tank to save it. Engine drove up the wall, pushing the tank with Goofy, Mr. Hugh and Waffles (who ate Atlas) upwards. Engine then fell downwards, crushing Dexter and Chief who caught up. The water from the tank extinguished all the water in the tower, and bringing everyone out of the house.

After that, Mr. Hugh was crying that his Atlas was lost, while Chief reprimanded Goofy. Max protested that the chief wasn't doing his duty, so they will be in trouble when everyone knows that. Chief after that disallowed Goofy into his fire station again. Goofy walked away with Max with sadness, and then Goofy stepped on Waffles' tail, causing him to choke Atlas. It landed in Mr. Hugh's glass of water. Max took the opportunity to take the credit. Mr. Hugh was grateful, so he asked Max to name his reward. Max whispered his answer to Mr. Hugh.

The fire station was rebuilt, named "Hugh Fire Department". Goofy, Max and Waffles were awarded Medals of Valour. Mr. Hugh then decided to drive his new fire engine with Goofy, Max and Atlas, with Waffles wasn't allowed to sit with him. As for Chief and Dexter, they were cleaning up Engine. Engine was chortling.

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