Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 50

Winter Blunderland

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 13, 1992 on
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Winter Blunderland
Pete gets Goofy to play Bigfoot to bring business to his car lot, but it brings along the real Bigfoot instead.

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    Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings

    Bigfoot Eyewitness

    Guest Star

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    Matt Tanner (TV Reporter)

    Guest Star

    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker


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      • Max: Here comes a heavy one, pop! (Hands Goofy a luggage)
        Goofy: Hmm, looks like this fella didn't know when to say when. (Luggage bursts open) Whooaah! (Fell off van into the snow)
        Max: You okay, pop?
        Goofy: Don't worry, Maxie, I've not yet begun to pack, A-Hyuck! (Leaps on skis on the van) Charge! (Lost balance) Oops.

      • Max: Careful dad, these are Mr. P's super wax GT specials.
        Goofy: (Snaps finger on ski's lock) Oooow! Got some snap on bindings too! Oh!

      • Goofy: (Carrying trunk with Max) Ungh! Sure is generous of you, Petey, invitin' Maxie and me along to (Ungh) an all-expenses paid skiing weekend!
        Pete: Oh! Think nothing out of it, Goofster, it's only money. $79.95 plus 57 cents for pizzazz but (hahaha) who's counting?
        PJ: But dad, how come yesterday you were saying times were tough, you know, and we have to tighten the old belt, and then today you (Oof)! (Pete covered his mouth)
        Pete: Ha ha ha, kids, ha! Never know what they'll say next. Come on, Junior, save yourself good for anything.
        Goofy: Don't worry about a thing, Petey, me and Maxie will roll 'er up!

      • Newscaster: Still, the hopeful, flocked into the mountain, knowing an authentic picture of Bigfoot, would bring instant fame and publicity.
        Pete: Uh! My favourite four words: Puh-Bli-Ci-Ty. One picture of hairball, I'll be selling cars like there's no yesterday, and it wouldn't have to be authentic either. (Imagined Goofy's head on Bigfoot sketch) Wheeze!

      • Newscaster: Hahaha, and here's the guy who claims he saw Bigfoot.
        Witness: He was big, and hairy, and has these weird kind of ears, I've never seen anything like it here I've got a picture of him. (Shows sketchy picture of Bigfoot)
        Pete: Ha! What a rogue. Bet he and his sister, got kidnapped by Goofoes too.

      • Pete: Well, well-er (sniff) you'll get them later.
        Max: Yeah, you're stiffing us.
        Pete: No no no, but instead of money, I'm paying you in (hands Max and PJ paper clips) paper clips!
        PJ: Well, get 'em, Max, let's see what's on the tube.

      • Max: (pants) well we've cleaned up the cars, Mr. P! These busy RVs (pant).
        PJ: Yeah (pant) Pap, could we get paid?
        Pete: Fellas, times are tough, and we all got to make sacrifices. Say no more. Spend less, and tighten the old belt. (Pete was pressured for tying his belt too tight, then the tightener fell off)

      • (Pete's stock's graph line is in the wastepaper basket)
        Pete: What a bunch had happened. Even worse than I thought!

      • (Pete's giant statue head fell on a car)
        Pete: Oooooh, no! Not the Brazeretti Deluxe! I just had this baby repossessed!

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