Season 1 Episode 16

A Night in Terror Tower (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1996 on FOX



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    • (While climbing up to the Torture Chamber.)
      Eddie: Boy, if I was the king of England, I know what I would do first thing.
      Sue: What's that, your majesty?
      Eddie: Put in elevators.

    • (While watching a video on Terror Tower.)
      Eddie: Wo! I'd like to see the tower where they lock people up and torture them.
      Sue: Yeah, that sounds like fun. But I'll bet you anything we're going to another boring museum. (She snores.)

    • Cab Driver: That'll be twelve pounds, sixty pence.
      Sue: I don't really know you're money. Could you get a right amount from these? (She shows the driver some coins.)
      Cab Driver: What are those?
      Sue: Coins. Isn't that enough?
      Cab Driver: Now don't play games with me. Those aren't real coins. We take British pounds here. Now, are you gonna pay me in British pounds? Or are we gonna have major trouble?
      Sue: But, why would our parents give us play money?
      Cab Driver: Well, where are your parents? In the hotel?
      Sue: Yes.
      Eddie: They're at a conference.
      Sue: We'll get them to come down and pay you.
      Cab Driver: But in real money this time if you please. And if you're not back in five minutes, I'm coming in after you.
      Sue: They'll be down, I promise.
      Eddie: And you don't have to be so rude!

    • Eddie: Are you sure you want to go up to the Torture Chamber?
      Sue: I thought you couldn't wait to see it.
      Eddie: I know, but there's something about this place.
      Sue: (Sarcastically) Don't worry, I'll hold your hand.
      Eddie: (Snickers) Real funny.

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      The premise of two heirs to the British throne mysteriously vanishing, is actually based on true events. In 1483, Richard III placed his two nephews, Edward V and Richard, Duke of York, in the Tower of London (then a palace) and were never seen again. It is not known what happened to the two young princes but most rumours say they were killed.

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