Season 3 Episode 6

An Old Story

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1997 on FOX

Episode Recap

Tom and Jon go down to the basement freezer in hopes of finding something to eat. After Tom scares Jon, Jon decides to leave, when he sees a figure standing, blocking the exit. It turns out to be their Aunt Dahlia. They go play video games, and Aunt Dahlia brings out fresh cookies. They turned out to be prune cookies, but Tom and Jon loved them. Later that night when they were in bed, Jon heard the laughter of a witch. He and Tom get up to see what it is, but Aunt Dahlia comes up and stops them. In the morning, both boys have graying hair and wrinkly faces Later on, Aunt Dahlia invites her friends Lillian and Mimi over. They were out of milk, and Tom was sent to get some. At the market, everyone calls him names like "sir", and "pops". He had now become an old man. He got home and met up with Jon, who also became an old man. They concluded it was the prune cookies that caused their problem. At dinner, Jon looks for things to break the spell. He eavesdrops on Dahlia and Mimi, and finds out that Lillian and Mimi were going to marry the two boys. Meanwhile, Tom finds baby food--the only food that doesn't hurt his teeth. Suddenly, he turns twelve again, and gives some to Jon. When Aunt Dahlia finds out, she decides to make them old again with the "emergency prune juice". However, Tom gets to the juice first. He throws it on Dahlia, and she becomes a skeleton, that soon crumbles to dust. Lillian and Mimi leave, and then their mother calls. When she asks to speak to Jon, Tom calls him, but only hears baby sounds. he finds out that Jon has found more baby food, and has become a baby.