Season 3 Episode 6

An Old Story

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1997 on FOX

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  • Absolutely fabulous. Couldn't 've gotten better.

    This was pretty awesome, it was the first episode I ever saw and I loved it! This is pretty much what got me into Goosebumps. Tom, in my opinion was a pretty good actor. Jon, on the other hand, he...he was okay. I liked him, but Tom was a lot better. Aunt Dahlia was totally evil! They did really good on her evilness. Even though, it was kinda hard to be shown, I could see it, and I loved it! Mimi and Lillian were a little crazy. And looney. Lillian I would have to say was the looniest! Ha ha. Sorry!
  • the episode is about 2 kids, tom and john. There parents had to leave them home alone so they could go do something. While there home there strange aunt dahlia comes. She makes some prune cookies but every time they eat her prunes they grow older...

    I love this episode, it's one of my favorites and it's one that i watch over and over again a lot. I love this episode so much that i even bought it on a goosebumps dvd. This episode isn't scary but it's kind of silly when the two boys start to look older and it's really funny when aunt dahlia's friends come over to play cards. I can't believe this episode only got a 6.7/10, it is so not that bad at all. I wouldn't listen to the bad reviews. I wish goosebumps was still on, and this episode rocks.
  • It's a good episode based on one of the stories in still more tales to give you goosebumps. It's not scary but it's a good episode.

    Like I said it's not scary but the only part I consider little scary is when John and Tom are in the basement looking for food because they had nothing to eat but when Tom teases Jon about spiders, he gets out of the basement but the door swings open and he sees Aunt Dhalia. But at first I thought it was a witch! Anyway written by Charles Lazer and directed by Randy Bradshaw this episode is good. I have it on DVD and it comes with My best friend is invisible and overall an old story is a good story.
  • This episode has two boys Tom and Jon become old men,thanks to their wicked Aunt Daliha.

    This episode was hilarious and the plot was also very interesting! This simply is probably at least one of my favorite Goosebumps episodes ever,in the history of Goosebumps!
    The plot was fascinating,the characters were fascinating (especially the two boys and Aunt Dahlia,the two old ladies,Mimi and Lillian were kinda annoying,but they were just merely supporting characters,and they didn't really have a huge part in the story,but they were planning to be the boys' future,so,maybe that comment was kinda wrong,in a way),and the ending was yet another great twist ending! So,this episode,overall,is probably simply one of my favorite Goosebumps episodes EVER,in its history!
  • Funny Episode

    I think that this episode was very funny. The fact of old people trying to make kids older is funny. What was even funnier was the boy who played Tom. When he was at the store and the people were looking at him I was cracking up. I couldn't beleive it. Also when one of the boys turned into a baby at the end I thought that was funny. Overall funny episode.