Season 3 Episode 15

Awesome Ants

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

Dave and Ben go into an ice cream shop. Ordering unique ice cream, the boys realized it was infested with ants, as was the whole shop. An old and eccentric exterminator from "Nuke 'Em" Pest Control arrives at the shop. After Ben ran home, Dave was left alone to talk with the exterminator. The exterminator informs Dave with information on ants, and he then squashes the ant that was apparently the queen. Giving Dave a magazine about ants, Dave decides that ants were perfect for an upcoming science project that he had. Dave orders some things from the magazine. However, when it came, it wasn't exactly what he expected. He had ordered a giant ant habitat for five dollars. It also came with a huge instruction booklet that Dave didn't really want to read. Tossing it aside, the only thing he read was how to feed them. He was supposed to feed them one pellet a day. However, Ben argues that the ants weren't getting enough food and that they were hungry. So, Ben and Dave feed the ants hot dogs. Not surprisingly, the ants grow bigger. Dave finishes his science project and was about to go to bed when a giant ant came into his room. Calling the company he had ordered his stuff from, Dave was confronted with the horrified shrieks of the secretary of the company office. She yells that he should've read the instruction manual, and then the line goes dead. Dave runs to the exterminator but only finds a giant ant that pulls him in. Dave thought he was dead. However, he then wakes up and realized it was just a dream. Going outside to feed the ants pellets, he remembers that in the real world, ants were the dominant species. He tells the man who was the exterminator in his dream about his crazy dream. And the man tells him that was what things would really be like if ants weren't the dominant species.