Season 2 Episode 4

Bad Hare Day

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1996 on FOX

Episode Recap

Tim and his friend Foz go into a magic shop, where the owner shows them a trick with a guillotine, he puts his hand in place and he asks Tim to pull the lever. As Tim does, he says "No, not that one!" But Tim had already pulled it and the slice went down on the owner's hand. He had faked it though. Tim asked how much it was, $250.00. Tim was disappointed, but the owner cheered him up by giving him and Foz tickets to Tim's idol, Amaz-O, a famous magician, to his performance that night. But it was at 10:00. Foz said his parents would never let him go that late, nor Tim's. But that night, Tim snuck out of the house, but his little sister Ginny catches him. She forces him to take her with him.

At the show, Amaz-O does some tricks. And on one trick, he says he needs a volunteer. He picks Tim. Amaz-O says he was going to make Tim disappear. As Tim gets in a box, Amaz-O spins him and Tim falls in a basement. He waits for a long time, and Tim finally gets out. He goes in Amaz-O's room and he doesn't see anyone, but he hears him call him a brat. So Tim decides to steal his magic bag. He runs into Ginny and he promises her that they'll look at the bag tomorrow. As they're looking at the bag, Ginny gets a trick, but Tim tells her not to. But she disobeys him and gets herself turned into a rabbit.

Tim sees that it isn't Ginny, it's a magician named El Sidney who says that Amaz-O turned him into a rabbit. He asks Tim to help him get back into a human. Tim does it only if he helps him get Ginny back, so they make a deal. They go to the place where Amaz-O performed. El Sidney tells Tim the trick on how to get Ginny back. After Tim does, he turns El Sidney back into a human. But while he's in a box, Amaz-O comes and sees that Tim has his bag. He thanks him for finding it. Tim asks him why he was so mean to him, but he said he didn't say anything to him. He looks in his bag and asks Tim where the rabbit was, telling him that he was an evil magician who he turned into a rabbit for trying to steal his tricks. Tim told Amaz-O that El Sidney said that Amaz-O was the bad guy. Amaz-o opened the box and saw El Sidney turned back into a human, seeing that Tim made a mistake. El Sidney turns Amaz-O into a rabbit, and he tells Tim that he can make him his helper. So Tim agrees and El Sidney also turns him into a rabbit.

While El Sidney is performing on stage in front of an audience, he has a guillotine with Amaz-O and Tim the rabbits in the head holes. AmazO said to Tim, "Don't worry, Tim, I'll think of something to get us back."

"What?!" Tim exclaimed, "and quit show business?"