Season 3 Episode 16

Bride of the Living Dummy

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

Jimmy O'James is walking through an alley. He is just looking through abandoned items, when he spots an old suitcase. After the lock is struck by lightning, he opens it up and finds a ventriloquist's dummy. He picks up a card in the dummy's pocket and reads the spell written on it. The dummy, Slappy, told him he would make an offer that Jimmy couldn't refuse. He teams up with the dummy and puts together a ventriloquist act. After the show, a member of the audience named Katie loses her doll, Mary-Ellen, and her sister, Jillian, and Jillian's friend, Harrison, help her find it. Jillian runs into Jimmy's dressing room and sees Slappy talking on his own, but Jimmy claims it was a motor in the dummy that he would use for his next performance. Katie finds the doll and they leave.

Later, Jimmy sends Slappy to Jillian, and she takes him into the basement, but Katie told her that Mary-Ellen wanted Slappy upstairs. then Slappy bites her. Once he lets go, they go to bed. In the morning, the girls find Slappy next to the mirror, and on it with lipstick was written "I want my Bride!" Then their mother says that her wedding ring was stolen. That night, Jillian goes to Jimmy O' James' apartment, and finds two demolished dummies, who are Slappy's rivals. Then, the box that Jillian thought that Slappy was in turned out to be where Slappy put the family dog, Kevin.

Back at home, Slappy locks Harrison in the bathroom and shuts off the power. Jillian comes home, and she and Katie are chased by Slappy. In the basement, Mary-Ellen comes to life. Mary-Ellen and Slappy meet. Slappy admits he stole the ring, and Mary-Ellen believes Slappy has fallen in love with her, but he was really planning to marry Katie, and make her his slave. he and Mary-Ellen fight, and both get cut to pieces with their father's buzz-saw. The next morning, they free Harrison from the bathroom, only to find out that he has been possessed by Slappy.