Season 2 Episode 19

Calling All Creeps!

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1997 on FOX

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  • Could I say it was alright but the ending wasn't awsome

    It all started with an boy name Ricky.He was kicked of the newspaper by an girl name Tasha.Who treats him badly at school.Than there are these three bullies who copies everything that she says.Iris however an new girl in school.Who just moved in treats Ricky as an friend.Ricky plan which said "Calling Creeps call Tasha at Midnight" however that plan backfires.When he gets mysterous phone calls from kids saying that they are creeps and what is the plan.He learns that the 3 bullies are able to morph into monsters.Their plan is to used the seeds to turn everyone into creeps.First planting it into the tuna surprise.However that faills,so the 3 bully used the seeds putting it into the cookie.In the end Ricky decided to eat the cookie to become an creep.

    It was alright.But the ending got me disappointed when Ricky decided to give up and become an creep.
  • Ahh, yes. Another great episode.

    I loved this, I loved the book too. I think I like the episode better, though. I acting was incredibly good. I loved Ricky's acting. He was a pretty good nerd. Wonder what he really looks like now. Anyway, the creeps' special effects were sweet! I loved the transformation. And I loved the effects of the tongue when David at that bug. I think it was David. Iris was really nice and was a good actress. She had potential and didn't have any cheesy lines or anything. She was pretty perfect. The message in Ricky's locker would so freak me out! *Shivers* But what I don't understand was how the bullies were bullies. Breathing on Ricky? Really? That's bullying? The biggest cheesy part was when they made him sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb." That was kind of awkward. But come on, not that many people would laugh just because you sang a dorky song. That wasn't exactly bullying. But, the rest of the episode had covered that up. So, this episode was flippin' sweet. Gotta love it!
  • Ricky is thought to be the leader of the creeps when a message in the newspaper is altered. WIth this new found status he won't have to be teased anymore, but what about his friend Iris?

    This episode started off a little slow, but after a few minutes it really picked up. It was a huge shocker when the three biggest bullies turned into creeps; that was definitely not expected. Iris is his only true friend and she helps him out when he gets into trouble. I was not completely satisfied with the ending because it was a rotten thing of Ricky to do to turn on Iris, but it is understandable because after suffering through bullies for such a long time who wouldn't want a way out? So, finally, Ricky will get to be in control.