Season 3 Episode 19

Chillogy-Part I: Squeal of Fortune

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1998 on FOX
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Chillogy-Part I: Squeal of Fortune
Matthew and Todd's family is holding a garage sale in their front yard, when Jessica Walters, a rich girl, comes to the sale. She weasels a rare baseball card out of a reluctant Matthew for one dollar. After going home, she checks her "Financial Empire", and her brother comes in asking her for spare money to get their mother an anniversary gift. When Jessica gets too technical about it, their mother tells Jessica it's her job to sweep the attic. Inside, Jessica finds a strange toy town. Now, she's transported into Karlsville, a strange town where one man rules all. And Jessica's greed just may get the best of her. As during her stay, many of the townspeople are talking about what happens to greedy little pigs.moreless

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  • don't be a pig

    This episode taught us several important lessons the most important lesson is never buy a crappy model set of a bad theme park. The second lesson is don't make a deal with a guy you don't know and the most important lesson of all is lemonade stands don't work. You either make it to sour or sugary thats why no one buys it, and its kind of a cliche, so i'm glad this episode was a book because it is a bad episode. I was glad that the people ran after her, after she tried to trick the people. Maybe if the acting was better it would be better but you do what the script tells youmoreless
  • I loved this episode. This is one episode where you can learn a lesson.

    I had no idea what this was going to be about. I had never heard of the Chillogy. But boy, I'm glad I did. First: plot. I loved how the whole toy town was alive. It was like "The Twilight Zone." I liked how they turned Jessica into a pig. Those were some wacky ears! Speaking of that, special effects: perfect! Falling into Karlsville was really good. Almost as good when Jessica got turned into a pig. The special effects for that was great! And now, finally, the acting: also perefect. I mean, it couldn't have gotten any better. Jessica was perfect at being a brat. Matthew and Todd did really good at their part, I thought. This episode was just insanely great and perfect.moreless
  • That's what happens to greedy little pigs

    That's what happens to greedy little pigs and I bought this episode on a DVD a while ago and I think it is very creative about a creepy small toy town runned by a guy named Karl and the girl was so greedy she sold a glass a lemonade for 3 dollars what a ripoff and when the butcher said "She's nothing but a greedy little pig!" guess what she gets turned into a pig! Nice.moreless
  • Chillogy Part 1 was a pretty good episode. I love the graphics when she turns into the pig.

    I'll start, well, at the beginning. I think that the opener was one of the spookiest, strangest beginnings I've seen on GBTV. After the first commercial it got even better! It all started out normal enough - the girl was VERY sly. Of course, next was a scary attic scene, which is regular "Goosebumps" fare. The mom in the attic sounded kind of mysterious - I was formulating plot ending ideas in my head. The sound effects were awesome and the photography was wonderful. Even the acting was superb. The special effects were amazing, in the way she changed into a pig. I loved EVERYTHING about the episode. WOW WOW WOW! It was better than a normal GB TV episode because it was made for TV.moreless

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