Season 3 Episode 20

Chillogy-Part II: Strike Three... You're Doomed!

Aired Unknown May 02, 1998 on FOX
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Chillogy-Part II: Strike Three... You're Doomed!
After Jessica's scary adventure in Karlsville, she and her brother throw it out on an agreement that she will give him fifty dollars for an anniversary present. However, Todd and Matthew find it when they are coming home from their friend's house one night. They carry it home, and the next day Matthew goes to his baseball game. Matthew finally gets a chance to play--and strikes out horribly. Sad, he sits in his room while the rest of his family watches a movie. Tossing his baseball up and down, the ball suddenly floats into Karlsville. Following it, Matthew is transported into the town just as Jessica was, only he's in a baseball game. And in Karlsville baseball games, it's not whether you win or lose. It's how you save your life.moreless

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  • I pity the fool

    Wow even for a kids show this episode sucked. My favorite part was the crappy special effects and the part where Karl played everyone. Hes so much of a loser hes the only bad guy on the team. Anyways the kid passes Karls test, with diffcuilty and he gets out of there wow what a big deal. If Karl was a real villian the kid would disappear and never be found but hes nothing but a poser, nobody likes a poser. After watching this episode i felt like i needed to do something productive, so if you ever feel like you want to go do something but your too lazy, watch two minutes and then you won't want to waste anthor minute watching this episode. I know i didn'tmoreless
  • Ha ha ha ha. The most dangerous baseball game you'll ever see, but if you're in it, you gotta win or die!

    The second part was pretty awesome. Not as good as part one though. It's now Matthew's turn to visit Karlsville. He gets to play baseball, but too bad he can't do it very good since he's the only one on the team and that he has to win the game or else his life is gone! The acting was really good. Especially with Karl. He played like 5 different people in this episode. Matthew also did pretty good. The special effects for this episode were pretty good. I mean for the lava, sure you could tell it was totally fake. But, you just gotta give some episodes chances.moreless
  • Batter up: Mathew Erikson. Matt`s just a kid who wants to be a good baseball player. Then he gets his chance in the Karlsville Little Leuge. Where he`s the only player!, Karl is everywhere, and each base has something dangerous. This is a must-see!moreless

    What I said last week holds true: Made-for-TV episodes are much better than ones based on the Hilarious "Karlsville" anthem! The episode was spooky AND funny. The episode started off slow, but got better as it went along. You'd think, though, that the kid would get worried when he saw a moving base, a cheering crowd with no crowd there, and a...a...rather strange "pitcher." "You're trying to hurt me!" No, REALLY? The kid was kind of dumb, but the acting was ok. The announcer made the episode pretty funny - You never knew what he was going to say next. The scene where Matthey tried to walk over the lava pit was the fakest scene I saw in the episode - The lava looked fake, his balancing looked fake, and even the log he walked over looked fake. However, the monsters a few minutes later made up for the fake stuff. The monster's faces looked so real, it was amazing! Ron Stefaniuk and his crew really did a good job. As quickly as it began, though, it ended. The ending was great, as well, as the Chillogy goes on...moreless
Warren Benns

Warren Benns

Matthew Erikson

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Caterina Scorsone

Caterina Scorsone

Jessica Walters

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Philip Akin

Philip Akin

Bob Erkison

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