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Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1997 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Seth is interested to see that the advanced catelog-ordered remote he just got appears to be a universal one. It works on the stereo as well as the TV. But he's even more amazed when, turning it on "PAUSE" on his younger sister Jamie as a joke really does shut her off from tap-dancing while he watches TV! He's then informed by the still-playing tape that came with the remote by Tony Hutchins that "it's not a toy!" Interested to see what else it can do, he continues testing it: changing the color of his fish, rewinding/fast-forwarding passersby, hitting channel change so the school bully transforms into something more benign. But soon he goes on to bigger things, like pausing his teacher to cheat on tests, or his family when they want him to give the remote to Janie, despite his best friend's opposition. After all, none of Tony's phone-recorded warnings mean anything, right?moreless

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  • Wow! imagine, a universal remote control you can use to take control of everyone and everything. That's what Seth Gold gets.

    Seth Gold receives a universal remote control that he can use on anyone and anything. He uses it to pause his annoying little tap-dancing sister while watching TV, change the color of the fish, lower the noise of the lawn mower, and even for rewinding and fast-forwarding people passing by. The funniest part was when Seth used the remote on the school bully and changed the channels. That's really something to laugh at.

    The scariest part is where Seth gets all those mysterious messages and phone calls from Tony warning him about using the remote control too much and even fixing it. When Seth finally goes too far with using the remote and ignoring all those warnings, he ends up in the middle of nowhere. That's his punishment for overdosing on the use of the remote.

    I don't think there is such a remote in real life, is there? If so, I sure wouldn't want to end up like Seth did.moreless
  • Seth Gold gets a universal remote control that allows him to control time.

    This is another one of my favorite episodes of Goosebumps. In fact when I first watched it, it was my favorite episodes

    . This is the perfect episode to watch if you've never seen Goosebumps before. This is a great episode that both kids and adults would want to watch. The person who played Seth Gold, Dan Warry Smith, must be a very good actor. Even though he was a kid! If you want to watch this episode of Goosebumps it's on the DVD, Shocker on Shock Street. The two episodes on that DVD were Shocker On Shock Street and Click.moreless
  • Really Good

    This episode had everything a good goosebumps episode had. Stupid Parents, A annoying brother or sister and a greedy kid. In a way its kind of true. If someone did have a remote like that i'm sure they would be corrupted by power. It was cool to see what Seth did to the bully. I found it very spooky and cool how he kept getting phone calls. I thought it would also be cool if Seth kept his parents frozen forever but the way he learned his lesson was fine too. This episode was really good and it jad everything. The only thing that i thought it needed was maybe a better actor for his friend.moreless
  • It's a remote control that changes everything you do.

    The next episode of Goosebumps is good. Paradly the hit 2006 film "Click" starring Adam Sandlers. The episode is about a boy bought a mail for a universal remote control. A 6 year old girl practice her dance as he watch his favorite show on TV. So, he's out of control of the sound, he pause, and the movement is pause as well. After that, he controlls everything that he wants. Kevin, his friend ask to stop the real universal remote that change the world. So he dumped it and Keven walked away. But it's not over yet, so he continue to stop him. He press the power button and her's apperar at the dark room. He's trap for good. Good episode to see it.moreless
  • Great. I noticed Seth was the same guy...

    ...who played as Skipper in Attack of the Mutant. But anyway, for Click, I watched this right after Shocker on Shock Street. Seth I loved, because he was starting to get greedy with his little remote control. And he learned his lesson...but anyway, the little sister I didn't like, as soon as I saw her I could tell she was trouble. And she was. I didn't like her in Bad Hare Day either. The parents...pretty dumb. Kevin, absolutely fabulous. Tony, awesome. I loved the ending, it was unexpecting for me. 'Cause I hadn't read the short story of it. The ending was...well, I won't say what happened. I just have to say as soon as it came, I said out loud about Seth..."Sucker!"moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jamie: You're in trouble.
      Seth: What for?
      Jamie: Mom told you to quit ordering junk from that magazine.
      Seth: Oh yeah? It's my money, I can do what I want with it.
      Jamie: That's not what Mom says.

    • Tony: (On the TV) Always make sure to keep the Verona XG-20 universal control away from children. It's not a toy.

    • Seth: (Telling Kevin about his universal remote) I swear I'm not lying. It's the coolest thing you've ever seen.
      Kevin: Seth, you've gotta stop talking like this. I can't hang out with somebody who thinks they can control the world with a TV remote.

    • Seth: (Reading the dos and don'ts of the Verona XG-20) Do use the GX-20 to its full potential. Do use it for good. Don't misuse its powers. Don't let it control you.

    • Seth: (In nowhere, trying to get out with the remote) Hello?! Hello?! (He looks at the remote as it starts to beep and the batteries are low.) Oh,no. Battery low. (He sees Tony.)
      Tony: We hope you enjoy your new Verona XG-20 Universal remote control. If treated with proper care, it will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. (He steps back and disappears.)
      Seth: No, Tony, wait! All I need are some batteries!

  • NOTES (6)

    • Matt Lemche (Richard) played as David in the season 2 episode "Calling All Creeps"

    • Tabitha Lupien (Jamie Gold) played as Ginny Swanson in the season 2 episode, "Bad Hare Day".

    • Dan Warry Smith (Seth Gold) also played as Skipper in the season 2 episode, "Attack of the Mutant".

    • Seth is first shown standing in a void calling for help. As he does, the camera moves from in front of him to above to show there is nothing near him, but it also shows an obvious spotlight surrounding him. The spotlight in the void was a metaphor and police interrogation gag used as a cruel and unusual punishment for Seth Gold being the main source of all of the trouble by using the remote control. Also think about how Goosebumps was set in a science-fictional modern time in which there are no impossibilities as to reality (e.g. voids only exist in science-fiction).

    • This episode is on the Shocker on Shock Street DVD.

    • Based on the 8th story of Tales To Give You Goosebumps.


    • This episode may have been the inspiration for the similarly-plotted 2006 movie with the same title which starrs Adam Sandler as a man who gains control of a magic remote that allows him to rewind and fast-forward different aspects of his life.