Season 4 Episode 6

Cry of the Cat (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

A shiny object hanging from the ceiling distracted Alison. She started swatting at it trying to grab it. Then she jumped off the roof and landed on all fours. She was sent to the hospital because they thought she would have injuries. She overheard the doctor talking about the results of her blood test on the phone. He said that it was some kind of mistake because it seemed that her blood was cat blood. Alison left the hospital and went back to Crystal. She asked Crystal for help. Crystal knew Rip had scratched Alison. Crystal said that Rip has nine lives and has used up eight. Whenever he scratches someone, he takes some of their life force and becomes a little more like her, and she will become a little more like Rip. She said that Rip will not stop until he has all her life force. Crystal said her mom was a scientist. Alison asked to talk to her mother, but Crystal wouldn't let her and wouldn't help her. So Alison asked where any hiding spot of Rip would be. She asked where Rip was buried and Crystal told her. But Alison recognized the graveyard. That's where they would be shooting that night. She went there and tried to tell the director but he didn't listen. The director had another actress in place of Alison. He moved the gravestone for Fluffy, the cat in the movie to replace Rip's grave. In the movie, they dig up the cats bones. They dig and found the burial box of rip. They opened it up and there were no bones, so the director cut. But Then the ground started to shake. Explosions were happening from the grave. Alison saved Ryan and went back to Crystal's house. Crystal said that her mom was ready to talk to Alison. They went down to the basement and found Crystal's mom. She was half human, half cat. Her mom said that Rip was an experiment gone wrong and that he wanted Crystal, but she risked her life for Crystal. She got scratched by Rip so often she has no life energy left. They said that Rip now wanted them. They called rip to come take their life force so they didn't take Crystal's. Alison found one of her toy mice in her pocket and she filled it with some poison. She threw it out to Rip and he ate it. Than he died. Crystal came into the room and so did her mom, but her mom was normal looking again. They had beat the monster. Later, all of them were watching the movie that they finished. Alison said that the one thing she didn't like about the story was that there was no twisted end. Than he said as Ryan picked up a live mouse and swallowed it whole and says, "I love a good twisted ending."