Season 4 Episode 1

How I Got My Shrunken Head (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

Late at night, the Rowe households' doorbell rings. Mark Rowe answers it, but finds no one there. Instead, he finds a package. It's from his Aunt Benna, somewhere on the jungle island of Baladora. Mark heads back inside to open it. His room is infested with various jungle paraphernalia. As he tries to open the desk drawer in which he holds a knife he can open the package with, the package rattles. Startled, Mark turns around, to find the package has opened itself. Suddenly, there is a rapid whirring around the room as the shrunken head moves. Grabbing a sort of jungle weapon, Mark checks under his bed.

Mark finds the shrunken head, its eyes glowing. He screams, and runs to the door. The shrunken head floats towards him, as he struggles to open the door. His mother and her new boyfriend, Ed, open the door. Mark claims that the shrunken head is alive, but they don't believe it. We then see Ed driving away in his car, thinking Mark is some kind of crazy kid. When Mark's mom walks back in, she orders him to clean up all of the jungle-related items around his room.

That night, Mark has a strange dream about Aunt Benna. When he wakes up, his Aunt calls him and asks him to go to the island of Baladora to visit her. His mom says yes, and he travels to Baladora. At the island airport, he meets a man named Jimmy, who would bring him to his aunt. The plane starts to break down and crash. However, the shrunken head begins to glow, and he says his made-up jungle cry: Kalia! At that moment, the plane starts to fly again, and they land safely.

Mark is brought to a camp with many workers, all in sunglasses. He meets Kareen Hawlings and her parents, Carolyn and Richard Hawlings. Richard informs Mark of his aunt's disappearance. Mark has the same dream from that night, and this time, it had a human-spider hybrid. He wakes up, and is brought out of his tent by the shrunken head. He's brought into a tent with a television, and watches a video about his aunt, and something called "Kahar Lahia". Then Richard Hawlings walks in and speaks with a "point zero", and talks about Mark as a hostage. Mark goes to one of the workers and asks for help, but Dr. Hawlings stops him. Then Mark knocks off the worker's sunglasses, and gazes into deep, silvery eyes.
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