Season 4 Episode 1

How I Got My Shrunken Head (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1998 on FOX

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  • The following episode is a two-part episode and thus, a two-part review shall be given for it...

    Here is the breakdown for this show. It has both good points and bad points. Here are the good points:

    1: Good characters
    2: Good plot

    Here are the bad points:

    1: The scenery could have been better
    2: The special effects could have been better.

    Now here's why I liked this episode based on the good points I made about it:

    1: Good characters because they remind me of the characters in Tomb Raider III that Lara Croft encounters during the first part of her adventure in the jungle and temple ruins of India.

    2: Good plot because it is comparable to that of the first part of Tomb Raider III. I am a big fan of the Tomb Raider game series and this plot was sort of like the India Levels in a way.

    Now here's where this show could have been better:

    1: The scenery was good during the flight scene, but once they landed, there wasn't much of a jungle...More like an ordinary campsite out on a field. This could have difinitely been improved.

    2: The special effects were okay, but they could have been improved. The spider dream scene was not too bad. But the last scene could have been improved somewhat. Also, the actors could have done a little better portraying their characters.