Season 4 Episode 2

How I Got My Shrunken Head (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

Dr. Hawlings explains how the workers became mindless, why Aunt Benna is gone, and about the powers he heard about in the video. Mark decides to work with Dr. Hawlings to try to find Benna. The Hawlings prepare for the search, and Kareen is told to wake up Mark, but when she does, she finds out that Mark had left.

Meanwhile, Mark is into the jungle on a search to find his aunt. He gets stuck in quicksand, and luckily, Kareen comes. She tries to save him, but nothing works. Then, the shrunken head begins to glow. Mark says his jungle cry, and then a vine slithers down and pulls him out. The head leads them to a spot in the jungle with a campfire, thinking it's where Benna is. Before they get there, they fall into a hole. An indian comes, but when it sees who Mark is, it takes off its mask, and underneath is Aunt Benna!

It turns out that Kareen had tricked Mark into letting her come. Now she had found Benna, and her parents come up. If Benna doesn't tell Dr. Hawlings about the "Jungle magic", then the workers will shrink Mark's head. Just in time, Mark says the word, and he is saved. Then he uses the magic to turn the workers against the Hawlings. The Hawlings fall into the shrinking liquid, and Aunt Benna takes back the jungle magic.

Back at home, Mark now has a few pets. The Hawlings! They were shrunken. Aunt Benna is going to bring a cure for them when she visits Mark on his 16th birthday.
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