Season 2 Episode 18

How to Kill a Monster

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 1997 on FOX

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  • A classic episode!!!The perfect example of how a simple premise can be pulled off beautifully ***episode spoilers***

    A short while before I saw this episode, I read the book and I loved it! And I thought that the episode would have been hard to adapt and the episode would suck, but the episode was a series classic! First of all, the siblings Gretchen and Clark were very believable, they deal with divorce and re-marriage, a very real concept. Gretchen's dad married Clark's mom. So this is Clark's first time visiting his new grandparents. Second of all, the storyline was simple yet beautiful, A swamp monster attacked Grandpa Eddie while he was hunting and he trapped it in a room in his house. Gretchen and Clark are playing and they accidently unleash the monster from it's room. Now they come up with different ways to kill it. Like by making it run of a dead end, poisoning it, etc. They ultimately kill when they are trying to climb out of a abanded coal chute in their grandparents basement and the swamp monster bites Clark's arm, but the monster is allergic to humans and it explodes! Third, the special effects were amazing! Ron Stefaniuk and Pam Mingo did an outstanding job at effects. The swamp monster was *very* realistic and totally awesome. All in all, I couldn't find ANYTHING bad about this episode. 10 out of 10!