Season 2 Episode 18

How to Kill a Monster

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 1997 on FOX



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    • Clark: Our grandparents locked us in. I bet they did it on purpose. I bet they wanted that monster upstairs to eat us.
      Gretchen: Get a grip, Clark. Why would my grandparents want to feed us to a monster?
      Clark: I don't know. Maybe they've been out in the swamp too long.

    • Gretchen: This gumbo is delicious, Grandma. I've never tasted chicken made like this before.
      Grandpa: That's because it ain't chicken. It's gator.

    • Gretchen: There it is, Grandma's house.
      Clark: Nice place. Does anyone actually live in it?

    • (Gretchen and Clark get dropped off and the car drives away.)
      Gretchen: I guess this is it.
      Clark: You guess? (he sneezes) Oh, great. My allergies. (He gets a tissue out of his pocket and wipes his nose.) Weren't your grandparents supposed to pick us up at the airport?
      Gretchen: Well, they're getting kind of old, ya know? My dad said sometimes they forget things.
      Clark: Yeah, like us.

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