Season 1 Episode 14

It Came from Beneath the Sink!

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1996 on FOX

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  • When having a move just seems like it couldn't get any worse,Kat's dog finds a sponge that brings bad luck all through the episode.

    You know,people either love or hate this episode,but I definitly have to say I love it.I mean,an evil sponge might not sound that interesting,but it is.Nobody beliving her,falling off her bike,the glass breaking,it's a really cool episode.Plus how they try to stop the sponge with the happy music,and failing,but finally triumphing,it has a great plot.The twist ending I will not spoil,but you have to pay attention to the episode if you want to find out what the ending is.The actors were okay,and the cold pizza joke was funny.As it is,I am not going to spoil the ending,but the hint i will give is that it has something to do with a potato.
  • In this episode the Merton's move to a new home, with Kat being the only one not too excited about the move. When her dog begins to bark at the sink, Kat investigates and finds a sponge which causes her to receive lots of bad luck throughout the episode.

    Now I'm honestly disappointed in this episode. R.L. Stine's versions of the book somewhat seem to match up with those of the episodes. This one however, didn't really seem to do just that. When the Sponge was first found, you could already tell that this episode would be quite corny. What made it worse was the extremely bad acting from Kat, along with everyone else. When the mother's china broke, she didn't even seem the least bit devastated, and the brother's remark on the sponge seemed so unenthusiastic. This entire episode was rather cliche' and was nothing compared to any of the other episodes in the season.
  • What is this?

    When I first watched this episode I thought that it was going to be a very good episode. After I downloaded it and started to watch it I couldn't believe that I was watching goosebumps. This episode to me didn't make any sense. Some of the things that the kids were doing didn't make any sense. This is probably the worst Goosebumps episode I have seen.