Season 2 Episode 13

Let's Get Invisible!

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1996 on FOX
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Let's Get Invisible!
It is Max's Birthday. He and his friends go up into the secret room in the attic. They happened to find a "magic" mirror. But Max had become invisible when he turns on the light on the mirror so they could see what was in the room. So could that mirror be dangerous or could it be a magical mirror? Max and his friends played with the mirror. If they play with the mirror too long, they may disappear. Will they stay invisible forever?moreless

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  • That was horrible!!!!

    I really really really didn't like it. It was not what I expected. The Characters were not what I expected. Really it was not what was in the book. It looks like they rushed it... wanting it to end. And I think they were really careless on the episode because it was badly made. I loved the book but hated that episode. I don't think R. L. Stine was involved because she would of made it different and more like the book. I hope a lot of you people will agree if you watched it because I know I didn't like it!\

  • Very, very cool. A mirror making you invisible.

    On I had seen a picture of Let's Get Invisible. I had seen a picture of Noah. But I thought that was Max. Which got me confused, but when I saw the episode, I figured it out. But for the episode, I loved it! I liked the special effects for the "inside of the mirror." And the light ray of the mirror, none of it seemed fake to me. I liked the actor who played Noah, I had noticed him right away. 'Cause he was really familiar. He had been in a couple of Air-Bud movies. (But I didn't really like him in that.) Max, I liked because he had potential. Erin was okay. She needed to do some working on her acting.moreless
  • Max, Erin, and Noah discover a hidden room in the attic. The most bizarre thing inside is a full-lenght mirror. But is it just another mirror or is it something out of the ordinary? Tug on the chain to turn the light on and find out for yourself...moreless

    This episode was pretty cool. I mean an alternate world in the mirror that can be reached by pulling a simple chain connected to an over-head light fixture, who could argue otherwise? Max and Erin realize that they feel weird after testing out the invisibility and warn Zack and Noah not to take their turns. But, boys will be boys, and of course the two kids don't listen to their friends. They are much to interested in having a new adventure. Too bad that they were so stubborn because once you stay in the mirror world for too long, the "reflections" beg you to trade places them. That is exactly what happened with Noah and Zack, and almost with Max. Luckily, the real Zack found his way back, but Noah... well let's just say he isn't left-handed anymore...moreless

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    • (In the secret room of the attic.)
      Max: Look, from now on this is our super secret hideout. We tell no one. You Swear?
      (Erin and Noah each hold a hand over their heart.)
      Max: (To Noah) You can't swear with your left hand. It doesn't count.
      Noah: It does for me--left-handers.
      Max: Left-handers rule, I know. We don't tell anyone. Okay?
      Noah: Totally.

    • (After getting the real people out of the mirror.)
      Noah: So,we gonna tell mom and dad?
      Max: I don't think they'd believe us. I'm gonna seal up that wall so we never have to set foot in that room again.
      Max's Dad: ((Walks in) You two doing house work? I better get my camera.
      Max: There's a first time for everything, Dad.
      Max's Dad: (Opens a cupboard) Toss me a cup there, sport.
      (Noah throws a cup to his dad with his right hand,Max has a confused look on his face, he knows Noah throws with his left hand.)
      Max: Since when did you start throwing with your right hand?...Noah???
      (Noah smirks mischievously,seeing that it's the wrong Noah.)

    • Zack: (Referring to the mirror) This is like the ultimate secret weapon! We could be famous!
      Noah: We could invade the girls locker room!
      Erin: Grow up, Noah.

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