Season 2 Episode 15

Monster Blood

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1996 on FOX
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While staying with his weird Great Aunt Kathryn, Evan and his friend Andy find a jar of monster blood in a room Aunt Katherine's says Evan must not go into. It's fun to play with at first. And Evan's dog, Trigger, likes it so much, he eats some! But then Evan notices something weird about the green, slimy stuff--it seems to be growing. And growing. And growing. And all that growing has given the monster blood a monstrous appetite.moreless

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  • This Goosebumps episode is Mainly based on the original Monster Blood book.

    I for one have read all four Monster Blood books. I also thought the TV adaptation of the first MB book was weird and incredible at the same time.

    In the book, Evan and Andy buy a can of monster blood at a toystore. In comparison, the two find a jar of monster blood in Great Aunt Kathreine's "forbidden" room. This green stuff sucks up everything in its path and keeps growing and growing.

    The part I liked best would have to be when Evan slips into the bathtub with the monster blood in it. All in all, I say this is the best Goosebumps episode I've seen yet.moreless
  • My favorate episode is monster blood. Evan and andy always get's into troble with the monster blood. Until the get a new member in monster blood 3 named kermit. That's the story when Evan get's huge. In monster blood 2 he makes a hamster giant.moreless

    Everybody should watch goosebums and read the books . They said coming soon is monster blood 4 and I want to read it . I don't Know why they don't show goose bump any more . I mean That's a really good Show and Book . Everybody I know loves goose bumps . I read almost all the books and I know how good each and every one of them are . R . L . Stine ROCKS! ! ! ! ! !!! He is one of my favorate authors . I'm goona make a Fan club Of him .moreless

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    • (While getting out of the car at Great Aunt Katherine's house.)
      Mr. Ross: Evan, it's only for a few days.
      Evan: But Aunt Katherine is so weird.
      Mrs. Ross: She's not weird.
      Mr. Ross: No, she's--uh--eccentric.
      Evan: She smells like mothballs.
      (Mrs. Ross laughs.)

    • Aunt Katherine: (Finds Evan in the "forbidden" room) Naughty boy. This room is forbidden. Do you understand? Forbidden.
      Evan: I'm sorry. Sorry. I--
      Aunt Katherine: You will never come into this room again. Never! Never! Never!

    • (Andy tries to stop Aunt Kathryn from going into her house while Evan hides the Monster Blood that he and Andy took from Aunt Kathryn's "forbidden" room.
      Andy: Hi!
      Aunt Kathryn: Who are you?
      Andy: I'm Andy, Evan's friend.
      Aunt Kathryn: Andy "Evan'sfriend"--are you related to the Chicago Evan'sfriends?
      Andy: Huh?

    • Evan: (In the Monster Blood) Aah! Help! (to Andy) Don't just stand there, get me outta here! Help! Help! Ehhh!!!
      Andy: (Grabs a broom and pushes it forward to Evan( Here, grab this!
      Evan: (Grabs the broom and Andy pulls him out) It tried to swallow me!
      Andy: That stuff is outta control.
      Evan: Well, what're we gonna do?
      Andy: Let's get out of here now! (She opens the door and runs out)
      (Evan grabs the door handle and looks at the Monster Blood as it grows and grows out of the bathtub, then he runs out and slams the door.)

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