Season 3 Episode 8

One Day at HorrorLand (1)

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 1997 on FOX
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One Day at HorrorLand (1)
Out on a fun-filled trip to Zoo Gardens, the Morris family's amusement soon turns to amazement when bright lights flash across the sky. They suddenly find themselves in Horrorland--where admission is free, but the fun never starts. After a narrow escape from the house of mirrors and a chilling whitewater coffin cruise, Luke and Lizzy rejoin their parents at the front gate, but it's locked! Now their only hope is to compete in a gruesome game show that proves what the world has feared all along--monsters really do exist, and they have their own cable channel.moreless

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  • This has to be the worst teo-parter episode ever.

    In my opinion, of the many, many Goosebumps episodes there are, this one is THE worst. The two-parter (of at least the first part) was highly likely on a very small budget. If you read the book, you would have noticed the family's car blew up... the crew could not even afford to do that by the looks of it. Everything in the show, was so wide spread, it looked like the children had walked miles from one place to another. When people hear the word HorrorLand, they think of rain, cobwebs, a little tiny, muddy and dirty squished in theme park, looking like it could fall down to the ground at any time. But as i said, One Day at Horrorland must have been on a very small budget, not being able to produce better effects... Effects.... Oh boy... The special effects were TERRIBLE. I have never seen worse special effects with the Bluescreen used (excluding "Gumby"). Everything looked so incredibly fake it was actually what made it all scary. (How did i tell this? Well, my friends, did you all see those 2 inch black lines around that head the Horror was holding, or when Lizzy fell down into "no-where" in the House of Mirrors...?) Scary? Boy, were those monsters scary! There gonna give me nightmares for weeks to come! Not! Its Horrorland so they were more then likely supposed to be, scary. Why didn't the monters mouths move more when they talked? Why were they wearing cheap, dirtied blankets? Low budget. And now, for the worst thing of all, the "Coffin Ride". --Had to be THE worst, most fake looking thing I have ever seen in movies. (Unless i was the only one able to point out the cables connected to the bottom sides of the coffin, or the scuba-diver under another coffin trying to manuever in around a rock.) Oh boy, time to mention something everyone hates -- acting. The acting was so terrible. Thats all I can say. In my opinion, this episode was a flop. Remember those days when, One Day at Horrorland, was supposedly going to be made into a movie, thank god it wasn't, because if it was I guarentee whomever the producer would have been, would have gone bankrupt and lost his home.moreless
  • This episod is awesome! I totally love goosebumps, and I hope they come out with more videos and books. What I like about goosebumps is that the really do give me goosebumps and they are really suspencful. If I was to describe goosebumps series, I would smoreless

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  • Very Good Episode

    I think that this episode was very good. I have seen it on tv and I have it on vhs and it is probably one of the best episodes ever. I didn't like the fact that the parents just let the kids go around the park by themselves but the episode was still good. Overall Good Episode

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