Season 3 Episode 9

One Day at HorrorLand (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1997 on FOX
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One Day at HorrorLand (2)
Out on a fun-filled road trip to Zoo Gardens, the Morris family's amusement soon turns to amazement when bright lights flash across the sky. They suddenly find themselves in Horrorland where admission is free, but the fun never starts. After a narrow escape from the house of mirrors and a chilling whitewater coffin cruise, Luke and Lizzy rejoin their parents at the front gate, but it's locked! Now their only hope is to compete in a gruesome game show that proves what the world has feared all along monsters really do exist and they have their own cable channel.moreless

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  • I guess It was better than the first part

    I have one word to explain Part 2, and that word is: better. The scenery, suspense, and acting was all at a semi-good quality level. However, one of the things I really did not like the ending. Were we suppose to assume that they died or something in that scenario? The TV Studio happened to be nicely created. The building designs and lighting effects were well done, so those guys deserve a pat on the back, but I still don't think the show's crew deserve an "A+". The acting was extremely better, unlike Part 1 where the kid might get scared and then laugh about a second later. Or when Lizzy was frantically trying to find her way out of the House of Mirrors, and there was this huge grin on her face. Bottom line for acting: I thinks its time for a new makeover in the GB series acting area. Geez, did you know that sometime they use the same actors and actresses over and over? Now I want to bring to your attention the ending of the episode. Were we supposed to assume they die? They may have been able to escape from the car safely, why did the TV Crew decide to change that? Perhaps a few more seconds of footage just show the car going off the cliff. And maybe what could have been even better, was to see it roll off the cliff, and watch it explode on the bottom of the fall. But once again, they must have been on a small budget. The small budget -- well it must have been a little bit bigger this episode, for they had to buy all those masks and costumes. So I really won't critisize that, but I still think it could have been $500,000 bigger, just to add all of the finishing touches that makes TV shows worth while viewing. There is one thing I would like to get everyone on base to, and that is the sets they used. I personally think the colors were way to "neon" and got annoying after ahile, they should have been dark colors, because its HorrorLand! Another thing, Ripper the dog, I would have to say that this time of the show, which opens the climax, was probably very good. One of the only things in the show that may have sent a shiver up your spine for a split second. Here's something that I found to be annoying -- the comedy level. Why was there so much comedy in a GB episode, they're supposed to scare you (or try to). One or two peices of comedy is fine, but setting an entire race of monsters personality's on comedy isn't.moreless
  • Conclusion of Part 1

    I thought that this Part 2 Episode was good, but it wasn't better than Part 1. I didn't like the fact that the family wanted to win the new car after all of the things they had already done. I t I was about to be eaten by monsters than I would want to leave as fast as I could. Overall Good Episode, but not as good as Part 1.

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