Season 3 Episode 11

Perfect School (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1997 on FOX
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Perfect School (1)
Brian 'O Connor dresses up as a burglar to scare his little brother Riley, so his parents finally decide to teach him a lesson. They send him to "The Perfect School". There, the headmasters are strict. The instructors are even stricter. But Brian and his two friends have noticed something strange about the school and how perfect they make the students. But the school makes them "perfect" in such a short amount of time. When Brian tries to escape, he is countered by numerous guards but finds a box of "tissue samples". But then a horrific thought comes to mind. That the school might be cloning the children and making them perfect.moreless

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  • Not Bad...Not Good

    This episode kind of put me to sleep, so a "mean" older brother has to go to a school called "the perfect school" and strange stuff happens there. I just find it hard to believe parents would send there kids to a school that they know almost nothing about, and just because the brother is mean to his little brother. My older brother treats me like that and my parents did jack sh*t. Maybe if the kid did arson or something and what type of name is the "perfect school" they couldn't think of anything less suspicous. That name just yells "we molest kids"moreless
  • This is one of the best goosebumps episodes of the goosebumps television show for kids.

    This episode starts with Brian O'Connor and scares his little brother Riley. Then he's sent to the Perfect school since he got caught by his parents. He was unfortunate. He wanted to come home and another really strange feature is that they have breakfast at 6:15 a.m. I would have been unable to eat one crumb of bread and drink one millilitre of juice at that time. 6:15 in the morning, hey I wonder why. Maybe class starts at 7:00a.m. so they get early energy, hah I made that up. Perfect school parts 1 and 2 were both directed by Ron Oliver and he's one of my favourite directors.moreless
  • Wow, I thought obedient school was bad enough. Yeah, my parents wished that I was like them.

    Scary at first when Brian was about to attack his little brother. OMG, he then was sent off to The Perfect School. My parents were like,"I would rather have one of those kids than you." The boys had to go to a military school like school. It was amazing. I thought that this is where I belong. The place is full of these rules that are impossible to follow especially if you have a full bladder. The clones are scary and a Nursery? I wouldn't believe a single thing. And if Brian had to go during the summer there rather than the school year, then good if not, then bad. The needle was like scary and Brian shouldn't have tried escaping.moreless
  • Very good. One of the greatest episodes. Even my Mom liked it!

    Really awesome. I loved this episode. It was one of the first episodes(I think)I had ever seen. Brian was the best actor. I liked how he was a trouble maker. I hadn't read the short story of this, but I figured it'd still be good. How stupid were these parents? What was with the dad? As they were shipping Brian to the Perfect School. The dad says "Good luck, son." What's that supposed to mean? Does the dad know what happens to the kids?! Apparently not. CJ, I had liked him until part 2.'ll see. The headmaster was real strict. Never seen anyone like him.moreless
  • It's about time they got "money-wise"!

    One word -- perfect. Well, just about! The Perfect School was and is a perfect episode. Probably one of the most suspenseful yet. Thank God we didn't have to wait a week to be able to see Part 2. Alright, now onto the areas: ACTING: Most of it was good. For the most part the main characters were great at the acting. Some of the side characters weren't. SETTING/PLOT: The setting if you haven't already noticed, was probably in a normal High School "turned fancy" for filming a TV Show. But they did do a good job. The signs and backgrounds were all nicely designed. The plot was excellent. I did not read the short story, so I really cannot compare and contrast like a usually do. Setting Grade: 86/B+ Finally, a story with a strong plot SPECIAL EFFECTS: Well, there really wasn't any. However, I did like the "spookish" lighting effects in the Cloning Lab and various other parts. MONEY: Well, here's a new section. I think the producers and Fox really "paid" attention to how they should use they're money this time. And they did it great.moreless
Shawn Roberts

Shawn Roberts

Brian O'Conner

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Richard "Ricky" O'Connor

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