Season 3 Episode 11

Perfect School (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1997 on FOX

Episode Recap

After deciding to scare his little brother, Riley, Brian dressed up as a crook and came upstairs in the middle of a storm. However, he was caught by his parents, and they decided to send him to the "Perfect School". Boarding the bus, Brian met a kid named CJ. After getting acquainted, Brian, CJ, and the others were on their way to the Perfect School.

After meeting the Headmaster, they saw a boy meet his parents. He was polite and well... perfect. Brian wonders if that will happen to all of them. His thoughts are interrupted as they are taken to a place where they will relinquish all personal items before they enter the school.

While waiting in line, we see Brian telling a boy that he missed a spot while the boy mopped. This started a fight. The Headmaster broke it up and told the boy that his "Program would be accelerated". Brian had no idea what that meant, but little did he know that it would soon happen to him too.

After barely falling asleep in his dorm, Brian woke up for breakfast the next morning. After Joe (A new kid) asked CJ if he was going to eat something and CJ let him have it, the instructor blew a whistle and did not allow Joe to take it. After breakfast, they were all sat in a room where they were given workbooks to complete. The instructor told them that they had to complete the workbooks, all pages.

Later, Joe and Brian were cleaning railings with toothbrushes, and the boy who started a fight with Brian yesterday walked in. He apologized politely, and Brian knew the boy had become a victim of the Perfect School, as he now seemed perfect. Brian told Joe that he wasn't going to let that happen to him, and that he was going to escape. Ignoring Joe's protests, Brian carried out his plan anyway.

After trying to climb over the fence that led into the school, Brian set off an alarm. This sent many guards and instructors out of the school to search for the culprit. The Headmaster and two instructors stayed inside and did a door-to-door check. Almost getting caught outside, Brian eventually evaded the guards, and started to climb a thick vine to his room.

Having trouble climbing the vine, the Headmaster reached his room. Barely reaching it in time, Brian made up an excuse and went to bed. After thinking, Brian decided the school was like a prison, and that it was hiding something. So he sneaked out into the hallways of the school. After warning to Joe that if his little escape plan that failed got around, that he would come looking for Joe. He then searched the hallways of the school until he found a room with a phone. Calling his parents, he was rudely interrupted by the Headmaster, who told his parents that he was doing just fine and was almost done. He then told Brian that his program would be accelerated.

After being woken up by an instructor with a needle, Brian was taken to a room, his screams muffled.