Season 1 Episode 7

Phantom of the Auditorium

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1995 on FOX
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Brooke Rogers, and her best friend, Zeke Mathews, have lead roles in this year's school play, The Phantom, Brooke playing Esmeralda, and Zeke playing the Phantom. However, Zeke loves to dress up in the phantom costume and play practical jokes on the rest of the cast. Strange occurrences then begin to happen, and whoever the culprit is, is framing Zeke. Brooke and Zeke, after investigation and an old urban legend, are led to believe that there is a phantom living under the stage of the auditorium.moreless

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  • Not as exciting as the others.

    Well, I watched the episode on CN. And, just didn't have the feel of the other three episodes. But, still, it was a good episode. The mysery was pretty okay. Poor Zeke though. I thought that in everyones minds, they were setting up the HSM quote,"Shut up,Zeke!"XD. Finally, the phantom was great and Zeke's acting at the end was pretty good for a Saturday Morning kid's show. Lastly, the ending revealed who the myserious person that died before the first production of "The Phantom". It was Brian Collins. I forgot why he was so important, but he was important. Anyway, regardless, I give this a 7.2 because it was just good.moreless
  • haha zeke.

    i honestly found THIS episode more funny than i did scary. just the rikity old stage going down. this storyline is CLASSIC though. the phantom of the opera, is just a classic.. and im used to R.L. stine creating original and amazing shows. this one is still ok, but not as original as i imagine goosebumps being. i BEST absolutely amazing thing about this episode was that the kids name was Zeke Mathews. Zeke is just the funniest name ever and when i heard it on there i was cracking up. i actually went on for weeks calling my brother "Zeke". he didnt appreciate it.moreless
  • Pretty sweet.

    I could review this as okay. The episode speical effects, well, they didn't really have any. So, I can't talk about that. The plot was alright. The phantom wasn't that scary at all. They hardly showed him. The warnings were, hmm... I don't know what to say about the warnings, really. The only thing I really liked about this was the acting. The acting was probably the best part of the episode because it covered everything that was going bad. Other that that, the episode was all right. For an improvement I would've added, show more of the phantom and make it more mysterious and scary.moreless
  • Brooke! Zeke! Tina! Brian? Oh no! Look out! It's the Phanotm!!

    This is the best Goosebumps episode ever. At least in my opinion it is. I know there will be at least a few people who will disagree with me. But I don't care if they disagree or agree. But if they agree, then good. I'm sure there are people who think that monsters are way more scary than Phantoms, but remember this: What if the Phantom who is haunting the school auditorium isn't the only Phantom there? What if he has a son or grandson? And what if he is a serial killer who has a dangerous weapon under the stage of some kind? Think of that while watching this episode!!!!moreless

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    • Tina: We shouldn't be doing this play, Ms. Walker. My grandfather said--
      Ms. Walker: I don't want to hear that old story, Tina. The only haunting we need to be concerned about right now is the one that's in this play. Let's go through the show.

    • Corey: Way to go, Brooke. Esmeralda's a way cool part.
      Brooke: Thanks, Corey.
      Corey: What's wrong? You don't seem too excited.
      Tina: I'd be careful if I were you.
      Corey: (Sarcastically) Yeah, Brooke. Tina's your understudy. She might poison you so she can play the lead.
      Brooke: She'd never do that. (sarcastically) Throw me down a flight of stairs, maybe.

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    • Title: Phantum of the Auditorium

      The title of this book and episode spoof the title of the classic piece of literature. The Phantom of the Opera.