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  • Awesome show!

    I will admit, I am a 23 year old adult seeing this now for the first time and they are great. I only read a few goosebumps books as a kid and the episode seem very accurate of the books
  • The 2 part episodes are better

    This horror-for-children tv show based on the famous books by the same name feel for the most part rushed except for the episodes that are told in 2 parts. It seems like you can't tell a really compelling story and capture the depth and dimension of all that goes on in the books in only 23 minutes or so. I say that as a grown man revisiting the show. But as a kid, that didn't matter and seemed like the best show evah!. Whateves!
  • Its cheesy, but my kid self quite likes it

    Various ep (98-00, 13-14)
  • Does`nt scare as much as the books did

    I guess that my theory about media entertainment is correct: Books always beat the movie when it comes to quality and feeling. I know the show gets you on edge at some point but you`d be easier scared by the books or a survival horror video game.
  • Undoubtedly One of the Best!

    Goosebumps truly brought . Stine's books to life in a fun yet spooky manner. Each Episode is enjoyable and entertaining.
  • Completed my childhood

    As a child I used to read these books all the time. When I started watching the shows, I really liked it. Its so awesome and even gave me a few scares every now and then. Sure the acting wasn't perfect, but I really liked how they used tweens in every episode. all in all, this show gets a 9.5
  • audition

    Goosebumps rocks! Hey Stine are you making a Christmas goosebumps? Cause if you are i'd love to audition!!!
  • the perfect school

    i all was wish there where a part three of the perfect school i all was hated how it end i wish there would of been more to that i all was wonder want would of happened if there where a part three of the perfect school like would Brain clone break all those kids out of that school would they destroy that school i wonder how Brain parents would react about there being two Brain...
  • Yikes!

    I remember R.L. Stine as a writer when I was a kid in the 70's. He put out a lot of books before the "Goosebumps" series, so he's been writing for kids a long time. "Goosebumps" is probably what he's best known for, but I'm not sure TV is the best medium for his work. Watching the episodes, I notice he doesn't use a lot of paranormal knowledge, Details are shady, there's too much extrenuous info, the plots are often over the top and the production is rushed. Frequently, the kids jump straight to far-fetched conclusions with very little info. For example: in the Blob episode, the kids somehow ration they can just "think" the creature away after the typewriter used to create it is lost. Same episode: the same kid in danger of getting eaten by the blob helps it out by climbing into its mouth. Even worse yet, the creature becomes the kid at the end. Several times in the series, the creatures aren't scary; they're a bit too talky and often a bit pretentious, but then, these stories are meant for kids, and overacting, bad writing and illogical circumstances are par for the course. Case in point: I think kids with a typewriter than makes things come true might find a way to exploit it rather than fret constantly about what's going to happen. Bottom line: little kids might think this show scary, but older kids will watch it just for the nostalgic factor.
  • Loved to watch these when I was little.

    Sure the scary stuff looks fake and the acting can be bad but it will still give you a scare every now and then. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp scared me so much before. I loved the Night of the Living Dummy ones. Great show! I wish they didn't cancel it, there are so many possible episodes to make, since it's a different storyline every time. If you still want to see more, you should check out "R.L Stine's The Haunting Hour" on the Hub. It's like the same thing, and sometimes they have guest stars. They are making new episodes, too!
  • Based on the books...

    the horrific effects are great... and each episode is based on a novel by this famous author. I had a blast watching some of these shows... you and your child will too!
  • Keep it dead

    This show was awful! everything about it was awful. It was a piece of garbage that only really old and fat people watch. All the episodes are exactly the same. Nothing ever changes, and the acting was so bad i found it hard to believe that they weren't cracking smiles in the middle of the takes. I can't believe these kids even got paid. So we like to reward bad actors for ruining tv? "hey kids great job ruining anthor tv show heres $5000 dollars!" i hope that i never see anthor episode of this show again because its so bad i might be the mental hospital wispering "They took my sanity" over and over again
  • goosebumps a really good scary show for kids

    i think goosebumps was a really good scary show like it was about this haunted stories that were about some of the crisizest things like a mask that it cant come off a boy that is invisble and a alien sustance comeing out of the sink or a monster that is really in your clauset or there is boys with pumkins on there heads its a classic show that had alot of really good tales. i read have the enire book collection and alot of the dvds and i apreate the time r l stine put into making the books and hte show .
  • Goosebumps was a good scary kids show

    I liked this show when is was a kid. The good horror stories with different characters everytime. I even readed the books later on. I don't think that there's any show like it now wich is a shame. I think that the creators of the show did a good effort to make this as scary as possible for the audience. I remember the double episodes about the mask. Or the one where a family went to an amusement park where there we're so called actors in suits or where they? There where so many good episodes wich made you wanna watch it even more.
  • Whether you read the books or not Goosebumps was a great scary show for kids.

    Goosebumps is a classic book series for kids that I, and many others have read as a kid. The books were created by R.L. Stine and told horror stories that were suitable for kids about kids encountering the supernatural. During the height of its popularity FOX Kids decided to make this into a show. The show followed some of the books from the series like Go Eat Worms, How to Kill a Monster, The Haunted Mask, Attack of the Killer Jack-O Lanterns, and so on. Each episode followed its book adaptation rather well, and did a good job trying to stay close to the book, but it never truly followed the book. There are plenty of scary moments that will make kids jump, but adults will most likely not be phased by the scares at all. I do have to point out 2 glaring issues with this series though. The first is that the acting is terrible. While not the worst the kids' acting needed some serious work, and sounded rather wooden. The other is the dialogue. Some of the lines in this series are terrible, and dreadful. It seems the adults though get the worst lines though, and say very goofy lines. Despite those issues Goosebumps is a great show for those who loved the book series, and did a good job following the books it was based on. If you liked Goosebumps check this show out.
  • The books, to me, were better.

    When I was in elementary school, I loved reading the Goosebumps books in my classroom and in the library. When the show was on Fox Kids, I ignored it and watched Garfield and Power Rangers instead. I didn't see the show until Cartoon Network re-ran it during October, and I wasn't impressed. The acting wasn't that great, the effects were cheesy, and I got more chills from the books. I don't know why. While Nickelodeon/Cinar's Are You Afraid of the Dark? sometimes had bad acting and bad effects, remember, this show premiered in 1990, so of course the effects were cheesy. But...come on! Goosebumps (the show) started in 1995! Shouldn't the stuff be improved by then?

    So anyway, I don't hate Goosebumps, I just don't really like the show. The books always made every situation scarier, almost like you're there.
  • Scary but good!

    Goosebumps is a really good show about different situations kids find themselfs in. It is a really good show that is a bit scary and also good. My favourie episodes are when two kids go into a house to get a little girls cat but they are made to play a human sized board game and my other favourite is when there is a model city that sucks kids in and makes them do stuff like play a baseball game that decides life or death. I watched goosebumps growing up and really enjoyed it. I am very sad it ended!
  • I hate it.

    Ugh. I HATE this show! Cartoon Network had this on in what was it,2006? And yet they dare to bring it back and call it "new". This isn't scary at all to me. The books were MUCH better than this,and I didn't even think THOSE were scary. Seriously,the acting is terrible,the effects are cheesy,and,once again,it's not even scary. No offense to all the Goosebumps fans out there. It tries so hard to be scary,but it only ends up being cheesy,at least in my opinion. Cartoon Network is REALLY going downhill now. "Oooh,a fake rubber mask,it's so scary,oooh!" -_-
    I would like this show canceled FOR GOOD. Again,no offense to anyone.
  • Read the books - watch the show.

    I remember when the first ever "Goosebumps" book was released (Wow, I'm getting old...)
    Anyway, it was in 1992 (I was in Primary School) - and the first book to be released in the original series was "Welcome To Dead House".
    Many other kids at my school were terrified of this book at the time - but for me - this was the start of an obsession. I started spending all of my allowance on collecting his books. Sure, I could borrow them from the library - but I wanted them to keep. He (R.L. Stine) had become my literary idol.

    Anyway, a few years later, I found out that there was going to be a TV series based on his books (possibly some of the best news I have ever received).

    It is great to see that not only do people still recall this show, but that R.L. Stine is still writing the books and making a whole new generation of kids get GOOSEBUMPS all over again
  • Is this show for real?!

    I can't believe this show. First of all, I hate the Goosebumps books series. I know they are intended to be read by little kids, but BOY are they thick headed. Very poorly written. As for the show itself, I don't know where to start.

    First, the acting. These kids are mind-numbingly horrible actors. It seems like the cast directors just pulled kids off the street and asked if they wanted to be on a TV show and they got kids "acting", and saying things like, "Help. Before it's too late. Ahhhhh," with absolutely no emotion.

    Second, the budget. It must be 50 dollars an episode. It looks like they brought stuff from yard sales and antique shops.

    Lastly, the production. They stuck a hobo with a camera and gave the kids their scripts. That's what they did.

  • I have read the books and half of the show is filler with bad acting.

    I do not think highly on this show. I watched it as a kid, when acting wasn't as good. I didn't care if they screamed and hid rather badly. Now that CartoonNetwork has brought it back, I am astonished at how inaccurate and bad this show is. I have collected the whole first series and have read each one. I'm angry R.L. Stine didn't see this when making this. (Is he dead?) I am glad I do not have to listen to it anymore. In the all of the episodes, it seems more like they spent more for acting than props. The Dummy still scares me though.....
  • This is my favourite show in the whole world.

    Goosebumps! Goosebumps! And all of the greatest Goosebumps episode directors like Ron Oliver, Timothy Bond, William Fruet and all the others. This Television show is awesome and I can just never ever take my eyes off this teriffic television show. There are many great episodes such as Cry of the cat, Stay out of the basement, Perfect school and there are much more I like however I havent seen all the episodes but I've seen all of Season 1 and 4. I watch this series on youtube and tv links and I hope for more episodes from season's 2 and 3.
  • Great

    I do think this show is cheesy, but sometimes it is good. It is of course based on the Goosebumps book series most of us read when we were younger and liked. I think some of the episodes based off certain books are good, but I think others are too cheesy and laughable. Of course nowadays if I watch one I do not find it scary. But some of the ideas can be pretty creepy to younger kids. I hate the fact I can't watch this show except during October, because it is never on.

    But it is pretty decent. Grade- B
  • Goosebumps is awesome :D

    I watched Goosebumps when I was 6 and it really scared me! The episode I watched then was the haunted mask. I hope they make more of these shows! They remind me of the old days :D My favourite episode was haunted mask because it scared me the most. I still think it was creepy. I remember watching some on Tv ages ago on Jetix. Its a shame that it has ended because it was a classic show. Sometimes kids like to be scared and goosebumps was good at doing that :D I hope to read the books soon :D
  • Scary, but wares away.

    For the past 3 years in the month of October, I always watch Goosebumps on Cartoon Network. It is a good show, and has a lot of my favorite episodes and what not, but the thing that really makes it not as good as it potentially could be is the fact that you are getting creeped out, thinking it is really scary or gross, and your really enjoying it. But like in every episode, the creepy parts and stories just get totally spoiled at the end, when they reveal random dumb things that are supposed to be funny, but all they do is just end the scaryness of it all. It is a good show to watch a couple times around Halloween time, but don't expect anything too amazing.
  • A Tv series based on the books by R.L.Stine.Read the books,watch the show.

    This is a pretty good kid show. I am not a kid , but I still enjoy it. It is scary enough for kids , say age seven to twelve to enjoy. It's not that gross. It is not gory at all. It has a denedacy though to not follow the books. Though quite a few follow them really well. The characters are 12, sometimes thirten depending on the story. In some of the episodes, the character or the actors rather look about eight. Which os fine if they were the sister or brother or cousin to the main character. But OVERALL it's a good show kids, scary,but not too scary. Gross, but not gory.
  • Pretty much a scary kids show,but a pretty good one.

    Okay,I love the book series and I love this show.It doesn't have some stuff from the books,but it's still good.The evil characters including Slappy are the best scary villians ever and it was a good idea to put it on Cartoon Network.I mean,who would put that show on Fox instead of a really good cartoon channel?I've seen some of the episodes of this show and it is a the best scary kids show ever.I really like this show and I grade it a B because it's not that scary for me but it's a pretty good show on Cartoon Network.
  • I was scared.

    As a little kid, I was really creeped out by this show. Almost every episode managed to scare the crap out of me. It was really good at being creepy, scary, and entertaining at the same time. The writing was good, the acting was okay, and the plots were really interesting. My favorite episodes were any involving Slappy and the dummies. I found those episodes to be entertaining and most of all, a thrill to watch. It is a shame it only lasted 3 years. The books were really good, at least most of them. Overall, this was a good show. Thank you.
  • Here is part II of the review for this two-part episode...

    The first episode of this two part show set things off and got the plot ball rolling. Now in Part II, it gets even scarier for Amanda, Josh, and their parents. The Walking Dead have their eyes on this family and they are 'hungry'. Their strength is quite impressive as they can punch through solid walls and somehow get inside Josh and Amanda's house. Josh and Amanda suspect that something's wrong with the house, but their parents don't believe them. The two kids then discover that the people (As Amanda first suspected) are undead. And now they are after them! Will Amanda, Josh, and their parents be able to escape the wrath of the Walking Dead before they end up getting 'eaten' by them? Find out by checking out this episode on the official YouTube web site.

    The theme song for this episode is:

    Skin by Collective Soul.
  • Pretty good, I guess.

    It was interesting to find that there was a show based on the Goosebumps books. Since I read the books when I was in elementary, I don't really remember much about it. This show is watchable and it could keep you in suspense. Though, I'm a bit too old to get scared by this show. The monster costumes isn't really that extravagant, but of course, I think this was made before 2000, so it would have looked awesome back then. The story plot is probably the best part, since it was based on great children horror books. The events are sometimes random and unexpected. So if you watch Cartoon Network, you should try to sneak a peak.
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