Season 1 Episode 15

Say Cheese and Die!

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1996 on FOX
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Greg Banks, and his friends, Doug [Bird], and Shari, decide to sneak into the old Coffman house, just for thrills, since they know that it's forbidden. While exploring the dank, dark house, Greg stumbles onto a hidden cabinet, with a rather large and odd camera inside, and he decides to take a picture. For the picture, Bird will stand on the stairs, juggling two balls that he has found in the house, but when Greg takes the picture, it doesn't show Bird juggling, rather him falling through the railing of the stairs! And when the trio is found by the neighborhood eccentric, nicknamed "Spidey", that's exactly what happens to Bird, and as Greg soon begins to realize, this camera takes pictures of the future, makes it bad, and causes the events to happen...moreless

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  • Some people like having their picture taken. Some people don't want their picture taken...

    If someone came up to you with a camera and offered to take your picture, would you accept their offer? Well, maybe not after seeing THIS Goosebumps episode. If you like celebrities, then you will certainly LOVE the acting job that Ryan Gosling (from the movie The Notebook) and Caley Wilson put out for this episode. Ryan plays Greg Banks, a bored kid in a town where not much of anything happens. He and Shari and Bird break into an old building and find a camera. They also find an eccentric man named Spidey. Greg unknowingly takes the camera with him, after they escape Spidey's hideout. He then takes a few pictures, though they are turning out awfully strangely...Caley plays Terry, who is Greg's older and witty brother.moreless
  • A camera that predicts the future and makes it bad. Sure, I'll watch it.

    This episode was unexpecting. I hadn't read the book yet, but it was all right. Greg did pretty at his role. He wasn't too cheesy. Ha ha. Shari was also pretty good. Bird too. Terry was pretty funny. Parents were all right in this episode. The plot I really did like. I liked how the camera was supposedly "EVIL." And I liked how it was shaped. I mean, I'm never going to see a camera like that again. The part where Greg got angry with the camera and threw it on the ground was kinda, well, I know he was faking, everyone knew that. He was supposed to fake being mad a the camera. Since it was his role. But, it was kinda just way too easy see through that "anger" and totally tell it was fake. All in all, an okay episode.moreless
  • It's about a boy named Greg and his friends and they find a camera inside this building. They discover that the camera takes pictures of things and makes the picture turn out bad and then it comes true...moreless

    This is a good episode. R.L. Stine is a creative author and I really liked his idea about writing a book about a camera that takes pictures of things and then makes the picture turn out scary. I really liked the book, so i'm glad that they made an episode for it to. very good episode. It's one you have to watch!!
  • The idea of a camera that tells the future is a very new and exciting concept even if it has been done before. But, then again, I haven't seen any of those other shows with the same plot. Still, I liked this episode. It really kept me guessing.moreless

    When the kids sneak into Spidey's hide-out, you just know something spooky is bound to happen, but what? Well, Greg finds an odd looking camera. It turns out that this camera can tell the future. Every future that it predicts is an unpleasant one. When the car doesn't get into a wreck the first time the family goes for a drive in it together, you get a bit thrown off and wonder if just maybe the first picture was a coincidence. I really liked that aspect of the episode. It really kept me on edge just wondering what was going to happen.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the episode, when Joey and Mickey are walking down the street and Greg and Bird see them, Bird says Mickey's last name as "Knotts" when addressing him. However, in the credit sequence, Mickey's name has been changed to "Ward".

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Greg finds an odd looking contraption.)
      Greg: What is it?
      Shari: Uh, it looks like a toaster.
      Greg: Hey Bird!
      Bird: Yeah. What?
      Greg: I think this thing's a camera.
      Bird: Cool! Camera, nice. Okay, take my picture.
      (Bird goes up on a ladder and begins to juggle.)
      Greg: Okay.
      Shari: Say cheese.
      Bird: Cheddar.

    • (Two of Greg's bullies,Joey and Mickey, go down in the basement of Spidey's house and see the camera.)
      Mickey: Here it is.
      Joey: Those jerks actually thought they could hide it from us.
      (They both laugh.)
      Joey: Ah, here take my picture.
      Mickey: (Holds up the camera) Say cheese! )He takes the picture; the picture comes out.)
      Joey: OK, let's see.
      (They look at the picture and laugh, and Spidey stands up behind them with a smile on his face now that he's out of the camera.)

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