Season 3 Episode 18

Say Cheese and Die... Again!

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1998 on FOX

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  • Ahh, coulda been better. I think I like the first one better. It actually had a better plot.

    I mean, it had a good plot, but this episode was kinda not that good. I mean, Greg becoming fat. The special effects for that---sad. I paused it and just sat there and stared at those lame effects. No wonder the show got cancelled, cause of the special effects. I hated how they changed the actors. I've always hated that with everything. But, I guess when the oringinal actors turn you down, they turn you down. I loved the ending ***SPOILERS!!!!*** how his teacher got his hair to fall off. That pretty funny. I mean if my teacher was like Greg's I'd be taking pictures of him with the evil camera forever.
  • Say cheese and die again is about Greg writing a report about his evil camera from last summer. His teacher doesn't believe the report so he fails Greg. Greg goes and gets the camera to prove to his teacher he's not lying. The camera is back and evil...

    This episode isn't as good as say cheese and die one, but it's an alright episode. The episode is kind of boring, and not really anything happens. Greg goes back to the creepy building and finds the camera again to show to his teacher. He doesn't want to take any pictures of people, but then shari and greg accidentally get there picture taken. The next day Greg wakes up fat and Shari wakes up super skinny. You could tell Greg just stuffed his shirt and Sheri just wore some big pants. Not the best, but still worth watching.
  • The special effects - Greg becoming fatter - were ok, because there's only so much you can do to show it. They didn't show that much excitement once it was reversed, however. And the show seemed SO quick! Good ending, as well...

    It didn't look too real when the kid started getting fat, they just stuck some pillow's in his shirt and used some crummy FX to widen his arms and legs. When the show came back from commercial, and we saw the kid fat with all of his clothes on. You could see some rubber balls were stuck into the sides of his mouth. Not scary. The only semi-scary thing was the voice saying, "Say Cheese" And the actors and actreeses were different from part one, I mean, every single character was re-cast! Greg, Shari, the Mom, Terry. That brought the score down.